As one of the fastest growing cities in the nation, Raleigh is transforming into a thriving metropolis—and someone needs to keep up with what’s going on! That’s why Raleigh Magazine is an integral part of the Triangle community, providing an informative and entertaining resource that covers everything from dining and drinks to arts and entertainment—with a healthy dose of news and features to boot.

We take the pulse of what’s going on and comb the streets every day for compelling content that translates into newsworthy stories that capture the every-changing landscape of Raleigh so you can stay informed in each issue and newsletter.

Raleigh Magazine is the brainchild of publisher Gina Stephens, who has a deep background in both journalism and sales, as well as an eye for design. The first issue of Raleigh Magazine launched in September 2015, and the brand has since grown into a thriving publication representing the diversity and energy of the city.

Editor-in-Chief Melissa Howsam is basically a Raleigh-lifer—sans early years in ATL/SC and a three-year post-grad stint in Chicago and DC to spread her editorial wings. An NC State alum (and huge Pack fan), she has double BAs in English and communications and a master’s degree in English. She has taught writing courses at NC State, Peace and Chicago’s DePaul; amassed bylines near and far; and joined Raleigh Mag in January 2021 after climbing the editorial ranks of city mags and national mags across the country (including at mammoth city magazine publisher Modern Luxury Media, home to 85+ local titles in 22 markets, as senior national editor and EIC of one of its city publications). She’s fueled by coffee, sarcasm, travel, cocktails, workouts, tailgates, the sun—and time with her pup and her people. @mahowsam

Associate Editor Lauren Kruchten is an NC State alumna (go Pack!) who interned at Raleigh Mag during her senior year—and made herself so indispensable that we never let her leave, officially joining the team in 2018. Prior, besides being a crackerjack student in design and journalism studies, she gained experience writing and designing for NC State’s official school yearbook, Agromeck, and student newspaper, Technician. Now, in addition to her invaluable work at RM, she also freelances (writing and marketing) for Raleighwood Media Group, Tabletop Media Group and the North Carolina Food & Beverage Podcast, among other regional publications. When she’s not sitting in front of her laptop, you can find her running, grabbing drinks and food at her fave Raleigh bars and restos (Wilco!), and bingeing Netflix shows like fave New Girl. @laurenn_nicol


Publisher Gina Stephens
Editor-in-Chief Melissa Howsam
Associate Editor Lauren Kruchten
Account Executive Debby Serena
Graphic Designer Liz Reed

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