Petra Meiren visits Raleigh

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TRENDS COME AND GO, so it can be challenging to find a statement piece that is also timeless. Fortunately, German jewelry designer Petra Meiren is well versed in creating collections that are bold, colorful and can transcend style seasons.

5552a7e37c0a344dc70fe6a5e9699d6fHer pieces, most crafted out of metal or molded PVC, are imagined into avant-garde and classic styles that are fresh and modern. The innovative line caught the attention of C.T. Weekends at a Paris trade show. Kristi Hipple and Dennis Mayfield, owners of the Cameron Village shop, sought out Meiren and are now one of the few stores in the southeast offering the designer’s collection.

“They have to discover me and I have to discover them,” says Meiren of her collection that has been well received in Raleigh, NC.

Meiren has been experimenting with different materials in her designs for as long as she can remember. In fact, she started creating pieces when she was in first grade.

“I used to put noodles on a string and color them with nail polish,” she says. “I tried to translate everything around me into jewelry.”

CB_S_HR_5-as-4This passion led her to pursue her studies in jewelry making and she attended the prestigious University of Applied Arts Trier. There she had the opportunity to study both jewelry and gemstone design, two contradictory processes, one additive and one subtractive— in gemstone design one cuts away the gem.

Perhaps it was this unique opportunity that inspired Meiren to create a jewelry collection where she cut out large spaces in metal, creating bold pieces that also appear lighter, almost like filigree. These flat, sculptural surfaces present a very streamlined design that is also unexpected and amusing. But they aren’t stiff or inflexible. They are approachable pieces that flow with your movement. For example, a leaf-inspired lariat necklace comes to life as the wearer moves.

Recently, Meiren discovered the endless possibilities of working with high-quality PVC piping in an array of delicious colors. She was originally taken with the ingenious material and made herself a series of stacked bracelets.

The designs were too striking to keep just in her own personal collection and she started creating them on a larger scale.

The PVC material is manufactured in different colors and then hand crafted into numerous shapes and ornamented with metal and, in her newest collection, studded with Swarovski Crystals.

“I wear them everyday in different arrangements. I thought, this is so much fun,” she says.

Fun isn’t a word that designers often use when describing their work, but in this case, it’s precisely what makes Meiren’s collection so successful. Meiren is quick to agree. Her love of jewelry design is infectious and each piece is filled with skill, passion and fun.

Meet Meiren at C.T. Weekends on May 4th from 10:00 to 6:00.

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