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beer-soap“Megans have to stick together,” says Megan Edge, co-owner of the Raleigh Soapery. She and her business partner, Megan Patton, used to work together in the beauty industry and, in 2014, the two friends started experimenting with soap making inspired by a mutual love of craft beer. They brought home a growler from Trophy Brewing, and a business was born.

“The properties of hops, malts and brewers yeasts make beer ideal for skincare,” says Edge. “Beer can provide vitamin B, antioxidants and antibacterial benefits that are thought to inhibit acne bacteria, tone and soften skin.”

Since then the company has grown and now offers seven different varieties of soap with prices starting at $6 a bar. They’ve partnered with three breweries (Trophy, Brüeprint and Sub-Noir), Raleigh Coffee Company and recently announced a new collaboration with Raleigh Rum Company.

“The possibilities are endless so we are very lucky to be able to do something special and unique with every retailer, brewer or collaborator we get to create with,” says Edge.

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