Shades of Gray

Scandinavian minimalist dining room. Render image.

The beauty of the color gray is the endless number of tones it offers—from light, creamy hues to dark charcoal shades. The neutral color doesn’t compete with decor and it  evokes a classic and sophisticated style. Our design experts sound off on their favorite shades.

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“This is a prefect grey hue for those who prefer understated decor, it is neither too cool, nor too warm, and this neutral grey is calm and easy to live with. Pairing Light Pewter with a glossy white trim, gives this gray a remarkable presence.”

— Tula Summerford, Design by Tula

grunge frames9

“I have coincidentally been focused on a taupey brown-gray scheme for my new building at Five Points. I like the warmth of these grays and one I used as an accent is Acier SW 9170, a lovely shade and a nice alternative to all the colder grays we have seen of late.”

— Carol Marcotte, Form & Function

grunge frames9

“Amy Howard’s Selznick Grey in the One Step chalk-based paint is a beautiful warm, gray; blending perfectly with the warm, cozy colors of fall.”

— Laurie Ledbetter, Affordable Chic

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