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When it comes to the psychology of color, orange not only radiates warmth and happiness but it’s the color of adventure. So take the plunge and choose one of these shades for an accent wall or to brighten up a small space. 

“I like using Benjamin Moore Orange Burst to provide a pop of intense color. I use it on an accent wall and then spread some accessories in the same color around the room. ”

— Deborah Cain, Inspirations

“This deep shade of orange is the perfect energizing alternative to traditional red in a dining room.  It works well with neutrals, as well as navy and many other colors.  It’s an uplifting pop as an accent wall in a breakfast nook.  And on a foyer ceiling it is an invigorating ‘Welcome Home’!”

— Sally Williams, Colorful Concepts Interior Design

“A wall or ceiling painted in Orange Spice paired with warm furnishings can make a big color impact, the accent hues should be kept to a minimum in your space.”

— Tula Summerford, Design by Tula

“Never would I have thought years ago that one day orange would be a favorite color.   When I use orange I use it sparingly or as a strong accent. My favorite shade is Benjamin Moore #2169-20 Orange Parrot.  It makes for a great accent wall.  As a textile color with plenty of texture it is perfect almost anywhere.”

— Leigh Jones, Leigh Jones Interior Design

“Jack O’Lantern is a great color to bring warmth to a room. Try it in a study – lacquer the walls, trim, windows and shelving. You’ll get the warmth of wood paneled walls without using wood. Add accents of aqua and deep plum for a split complimentary color contrast.”

— MA Allen, MA Allen Interiors

“Adobe Orange 2171-30 from Benjamin Moore—what a great accent color to make a room alive and give warmth! Give me Ice Formations 973 for trim and any wainscot in the room…then I want to see Sheep’s Wool 857 on the ceiling.”

— Sandy Maccioli, Awesome Abode

“Amy Howard’s One Step chalk-based paint in Massey Hill is a fun, bright orange-—think over-ripe cantaloupe! Because it is so vibrant, it works beautifully as an accent color with greys and browns.”

— Laurie Ledbetter, Twelve Forks Junction at Affordable Chic Shops

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