Beer with a Twist

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Ever had a hard time choosing between a beer and a cocktail? You don’t always have to. Beer cocktails are become more popular as the diversity of brewed beers continues to grow.

“Today, so many breweries are producing amazing and diverse beer flavor profiles. The access to so many flavor choices allows a ton of creativity with beer cocktails,” says Jonathan Seelbinder, owner of Local Icon Hospitality and Little City Brewing and Provisions Co. “In my opinion, the trend is only going to become more and more robust.”

Keep in mind a few key tips: balance is important so pay attention to flavor profiles and remember beer contains a lot of water so be careful not to over dilute the cocktail. “Wheats, light beers and fruit-forward beers pair well with light spirits like gin and vodka,” says Seelbinder. “Stouts, porters and darker beers can handle the more robust flavor in spirits like bourbon.”

One last piece of advice: shake ingredients without the beer or you might experience a “brewsplosion.”

Double Trouble Beer Cocktail

3/4 oz Campari

1 oz simple syrup

1 oz lime juice

Combine first three ingredients in a tall glass with ice. Top off with Little City Imperial IPA Draft.

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