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Perhaps more than any other fashion accessory, belts are celebrated for their utility: when it comes down to it, they help your pants stay up. But that’s not to say that belts don’t add flair to a whole range of looks, and it’s that versatility that Alicia Dailey Lam has embraced with her belt buckle design business, Buckleluv.

Lam creates custom made belt buckles with the purpose of adding an element of style that’s completely unique to her customers’ overall looks. The designer, who operates the business she started three years ago mainly through social media and at pop-up events, says she aims to create pieces of art with her belts that also reflect her clients’ personalities. That’s why the process of creating a buckle from Buckleluv starts 100 percent with you.

Clients can reach out to Lam at Buckleluv through Instagram, Facebook or via email. Or, if you find her at a local pop-up shop, charity event, rodeo or art show, you can have an on-the-spot consultation with Lam, or schedule one for later. Then, after she gets an idea of what you may like, Lam goes on a sourcing hunt for materials to use for the buckle.

In creating her buckles, Lam tries to use locally sourced materials, though she sometimes uses pieces from other areas of the United States. Lam uses genuine stones, repurposed vintage jewelry, leather and fabric, and has also used coins, Lego blocks and inherited jewelry in her designs that otherwise would go to waste.

After sourcing, Lam’s next step is to create a collection of three to five buckles inspired around an original theme that the client has requested. Finally, the client can choose which buckle or buckles he or she wants to buy, and Buckleluv will add the remaining buckles in that collection to the company’s inventory of individual pieces for sale. So, in addition to to having buckles custom made for you, you can also buy pieces from Buckleluv that were made as part of an original collection, or just for fun.

Lam has created Halloween pieces, football-themed buckles, turquoise gem pieces and more. Buckles cost anywhere from $25-$150, depending on the products used, but Lam will give a display range when consulting with you on your specific customized buckle.

“If you can dream it, we can make it!,” Lam says. “We only ask that when wearing a Buckleluv buckle, you have tons of fun, be safe and enjoy it as much as we love making it!”

Buckleluv is a growing business, and will launch a website this month! In the meantime, find the company on Instagram and Facebook @Buckleluv, or email Lam at Buckleluv01@gmail.com

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