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Mike Mello’s comedy shows are no joke. Well, there are a lot of jokes, but his performances are always witty, entertaining and seamlessly hilarious, getting everyone in the audience to explode with laughter. On November 14, Mello will perform with fellow comedians David Michael, Jennie Stencel, Reid Pegram and Ryan Higgins in Goodnights Comedy Club’s Best of the City Roundup at Goodnights & Factory Restaurant. The event is sure to be filled with tear-jerking laughter, punchlines and witticism from some of Raleigh’s most talented jokesters. We got the honor of talking to Mello about his career and how he got his start in funny business, which we’ve bared below, all jokes aside.

When did you realize you were funny?

I would say middle school. I started doing talent shows and being more of a class clown. And I was ugly so I had to go the funny route.

You’ve been doing stand-up for 15 years. What’s your favorite thing about performing? Least favorite?

My favorite part is getting a new bit to work. It’s like watching one of your kids take their first steps. Worst would be bombing, which never goes away. It’s always lurking around the corner.

You maneuver touchy topics like race and politics on stage. Is that something you’ve always talked about?

Race is something I always talk about from my experiences. I’m not a fan of politics but due to the current situation we’re in today, you can’t help but to say something.

You’ve opened for DL Hughley, Ralphie May and Dave Chappelle, and toured with Tracy Morgan and Russell Peters. Who was your favorite?

I don’t have a favorite, they are all so uniquely different. I will say hanging out with Tracy Morgan was quite interesting. I feel blessed to have worked with such amazing and talented people.

I know your drink of choice is wine. What’s your favorite?

I always go for the Cabernet.

What would you like our readers to know about your show at Goodnights?

Come and see some of the best comics in the area before they get too big to afford tickets. There’s a lot of amazing talent in this area. And I will be there, so come out.

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