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If you’re texting without a BitMoji, you’re typing way too much. For those who, somehow, have managed to remain living in the non-digital world, a BitMoji is simply your own custom emoji—a digital image or icon that expresses an emotion or idea—that’s personalized to you. These days, it seems everyone I know has one of these fun little avatars, including my 85-year-old mother.  As described by the app company that created them, BitMojis “allow you to create an expressive cartoon avatar and choose from a growing library of moods and stickers, all featuring you.”

At CurEat, we get a kick out of our BitMojis. There is quite a bit of debate about whether our individual BitMojis are accurate. Do we update with each hair style, or in my case, facial hair, or change our clothes by season or mood? I even had to personally re-create one of our team member’s BitMojis because their initial avatar was way off.

In the interest of having some fun and a good laugh, we reached out to a few of our CurEaters and asked them to share their BitMojis. It’s time to grade them on their avatar-creation skills and to test your face recognition ability. Can you match each BitMoji with its human? You’ll find the answer key below.


A. Scott Crawford
Chef/Owner Crawford Hospitality
Crawford & Son
(opening soon: Jolie, Crawford Brothers Steakhouse)

B. Vivian Howard
Co-Owner, Chef, Media Personality
Chef & The Farmer, Boiler Room,
Benny’s Big Time Pizzeria

C. Sam Jones
Sam Jones BBQ, Skyline BBQ

D. Sam Ratto
Co-founder/Chocolate Maker
Videri Chocolate Factory

E. Inez Ribustello
Tarboro Brewing, On the Square Restaurant

F. Jenny Bonchak
Founder + CEO
Slingshot Coffee

G. Kevin Barrett
Dram & Draught

H. Cheetie Kumar
Garland, KINGS, Neptunes Parlour

I. Vansana Nolitha
Co-founder/General Manager
Brewery Bhavana, Bida Manda

J. Eric Montagne
Executive Chef
Locals Seafood






BitMoji Answer Key: 1. H; 2. J; 3. F; 4. C; 5. A; 6. I;  7. G; 8. D; 9. B; 10. E


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