Signed & Stitched

The company Volta Atelier, which means “to give back” in Portuguese, sells beautiful, hand-stitched leather handbags using 100-percent upcycled, discarded scrap leather sourced from accessories factories, meaning no two bags are exactly alike. Talented women refugees from Haiti, who now live in southern Brazil, craft each unique design, named for different places around the world, for the brand. Designs feature a variety of colors and styles that are “not always classic, not always flashy, but every single time unique,” according to the company. At Raleigh’s Main & Taylor, you’ll receive a tag signed by the artisan who made the bag with each one you purchase. In supporting Volta Atelier’s commitment to minimizing waste and giving back to communities in need, snagging one of its pretty purses, bags or clutches ensures that you’re contributing to a good cause while rocking a piece that’s stylish and totally unique.

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