Benji Johnson's Naked Body Skincare Bar soaps

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Benji Johnson creates handmade soaps with local ingredients.

Aromas of freshly brewed coffee from Counter Culture. A whiff of local honey from the State Farmers Market. Rich notes of chocolate from Videri. These are just a few of the delightfully familiar scents from Naked Body Skin Care, a handmade soap bar brand made here in Raleigh. Creator and owner Benji Johnson stumbled into the soap making business somewhat accidentally; the idea stemmed from his other business, Ball Player’s Balm, a handmade baseball and softball glove cleaner and conditioner product line. Through researching and developing balms in 2018, Johnson realized he had a passion for creating handmade products that led him to start making bar soaps as well. “The soap making surprised me; I never expected it to be as fun as it is, but I love it,” Johnson says. “It allows for so much creativity and serves as an expressive outlet for using different scents, designs, colors and naming the bars.” 

Johnson recognized the health benefits for people using handmade soaps. They naturally contain glycerin, a sugar alcohol derived from animal products that Johnson has found can help skin cells mature properly while protecting and moisturizing skin. Many store-bought soaps have glycerin removed during manufacturing and can contain harmful ingredients. 

Johnson’s unique soaps include “Icelandic Breeze,” a teal and gray bar made up of shea butter and Icelandic black sand for a gentle exfoliation; an Arizona-themed bar inspired by the landscapes of the West, and a collection containing Counter Culture-brewed coffee and coffee grounds in flavors such as Vanilla Latte and Mocha. Next, Johnson will make a collection of beer scented soaps using beers from local breweries. They’re sure to make you thirsty.

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