Sugar Rush

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When it comes to dessert, the bigger—and more over-the-top—the better, both for your sweet tooth and for your Instagram game. These desserts from local eateries caught our attention for their delectable presentation. From a chocolate piñata filled with churros to a milkshake topped with a slice of cake, we challenge you to get through the whole list without drooling.

crazy cake shake
Photo by Nancy Thapa, @foodieteee

Crazy Cake Shake from Andia’s Homemade Ice Cream in Cary

Each month, Andia’s comes up with an incredible milkshake creation that somehow only seems to get bigger and bigger, even when you thought there’s no way they could load up a milkshake anymore. This one features a milkshake with a chocolate-dipped straw served on a bed of cotton candy and topped with a six layer rainbow cake from La Recette Bakery in Morrisville. Decadent!

waffle taco
Photo by Stacey Sprenz Photography

Waffle Taco from Raleigh Rolls at Morgan Street Food Hall

Choose any flavor off the Raleigh Rolls menu—or create your own—and put it in a homemade waffle taco shell, then top it off with candy, sprinkles and chocolate for a dessert that’s worth devouring any day of the week—not just on Taco Tuesday!

baked on Glenwood
Photo by Lauren V. Allen

Baked on Glenwood from The Cortez

This dessert from The Cortez is so cool, it’s literally on fire, thanks to flambéed meringue atop carrot cake and pumpkin and goat cheese ice creams.

chocolate heath bar cake
Photo by @tworoosters

Chocolate Heath Bar Cake with Kahlúa from Hayes Barton Cafe & Dessertery

If the name alone doesn’t make you drool, wait until you take a bite. Hayes Barton’s famous chocolate cake is infused with Heath bars and Kahlúa liquor and layered with rich chocolate frosting for a dessert so sinful, you can’t get enough of it.

Cookie Monster Roll
Photo by @raleighfoodpics

Cookie Monster Roll from Cinnaholic in Cary

As if a cinnamon roll couldn’t be any sweeter, Cinnaholic takes a fresh bun and tops it with cream cheese frosting, cookie dough, chocolate chips and chocolate sauce for a sugar-loaded concoction that walks a fine line between breakfast and dessert.

Ice cream cookie sandwich
Photo by @lkrunch

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich from Captain Cookie & the Milk Man at Transfer Co. Food Hall

Besides choosing your favorite flavor of ice cream and favorite cookie, the hardest part of ordering an ice cream cookie sandwich from Captain Cookie is fitting the giant, sugar-filled concoction into your mouth.

chocolate piñata
Photo by Uncle Julio’s

Chocolate Piñata from Uncle Julio’s

Guests get the fun opportunity to whack open this hanging ball of dark chocolate to reveal homemade mini churros and fresh fruits that are then served with raspberry, caramel and chocolate dipping sauces and whipped cream. Talk about dessert and a show!

Cream puffs
Photo by @kenty_eats

Matcha and Black Sesame Cream Puffs from Boba Baba in Cary

These stuffed pastries are bursting at the seams with colorful matcha and black sesame flavored creams that give fun new flavor to an otherwise traditional sweet treat. P.S. You will need a napkin.

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