A Toast to Tequila

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When many of us think of tequila, our minds go instantly to margaritas. As refreshing as a good margarita is, this National Tequila Day, we urge you to get a little more creative. Try some of these unique tequila-based drinks that Raleigh bartenders love. 

Josh Gagne, The Haymaker

“Reviver No. 3”
Create this fun punch bowl with blanco tequila, pomegranate juice, lemon juice, honey (or simple syrup), sparkling water and lemon wheel slices, sliced, peeled ginger root or pomegranate seeds for garnish. 

Zach Thomas, Killjoy

“Milk Maid”
Thomas likes tequila because of its versatility in application. One of his favorite tequila drinks was invented at a bar called The Whistler in Chicago. It contains blanco tequila, cream of coconut, simple syrup, lime juice, cucumber slices and a dash of cinnamon or salt.

Ian Murray, Foundation

“The Rosita”
Murray’s favorite is essentially a perfect Negroni with tequila instead of gin. “Strong, bitter and delicious,” he says. Make it with reposado tequila, sweet vermouth, dry vermouth, Campari and Angostura bitters in an old fashioned glass with one big ice cube and a lemon twist for garnish.

Saul Parada, Watts & Ward

Parada likes drinking tequila reposado straight up with an orange slice. 

Preddy, Bittersweet

“Preddy’s Tequila Sunrise”
Bittersweet bartender Preddy created a tequila cocktail that’s a hit with the whole team. Make it with blanco tequila, Rhum Agricole, Bittermens Hopped Grapefruit bitters, fresh lemon juice, fresh orange juice and salt with a float of grenadine on top. 

Kevin Barrett, Dram & Draught

“The Al Fresca Kid”
Barrett loves tequila, summer and freshly ripe North Carolina strawberries. He combines these in a refreshing cocktail made by muddling strawberries, mint and jalapeños then mixing with tequila, simple syrup and fresh lime juice, topped off with soda water.

Joey Barbour, The Blind Barbour

“Tequila Sour”
Barbour’s favorite—a tequila sour—is made similarly to a whiskey sour: Shake tequila, lemon, lime, agave nectar and one egg white in a shaker without ice, then with ice, and strain into a coupe glass with a few dashes of Angostura bitters.

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