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Signature Style: Wear What You Want

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Roxanne Ejlali Lundy spent the last decade working downtown in the small business community, including at Videri Chocolate Factory and for the Downtown Raleigh Alliance. Having always had an appreciation for fashion, Lundy holds a degree from NC State’s College of Textiles in fashion and product development. Lundy spends her free time following various fashion creatives, doing art projects and staying active with her husband, Will, and she enjoys living close to her parents, in-laws and three younger siblings. Alongside Trey Roberts and Josh Lamm, Lundy is one of the co-founders of the nonprofit Raleigh Pride, dedicated to celebrating the LGBTQ+ community.

Roaxanne Lundy

I am a Raleigh native! I grew up in the neighborhood across from Fred Fletcher Park where all the streets are named after presidents. In high school, my family moved to north Raleigh.

Your neighborhood:
Will and I live in the Longview neighborhood east of downtown along with our cat, D.C. (Dairy Cow).

What do you love most about Raleigh:
The outdoor trails at the NC Museum of Art, the greenway trails (we like to ride bikes), the Contemporary Art Museum (where my husband and I got married), NC State’s arboretum, Dorothea Dix Park, the murals around town (thanks, Raleigh Murals Project), the Shimmer Wall, the Farmer’s Market and the historic homes.

Currently reading:
I follow Slayer Sister’s Book Club and ordered this month’s book, “A Rogue of One’s Own.” I also ordered “Stamped – Racism, Antiracism, and You” and “Accidentally Wes Anderson.”

Currently listening to:
It’s the 50th anniversary of the Grateful Dead’s album “American Beauty” so I’ve been listening to that! It was a staple growing up. But typically, I listen to a solid mix of pop and R&B (cue eye roll from my entire family)–Beyonce, Pharrell, John Legend, Alicia Keys, Rhianna, Taylor Swift, Drake. When I need to focus, I listen to recordings of ocean waves.

Style mantra:
Clothing doesn’t define you. It is a form of expression. What you wear should make you feel good, give you confidence and inspire a mood. Experiment, have fun and know you (and your style) are always evolving.

Style influencers:
Tara Gardiner, one of the owners of Salon Blu, has been doing my hair for 10 years and is incredible. People stop me on the street to ask about my hair. I enjoy following Pierpaolo Piccioli at Valentino, Christopher John Rogers, Rodarte, Prabal Gurung and so many more! I am always mesmerized by Sarah Burton’s collections at Alexander McQueen. I love that both Stella McCartney and Sarah Burton chose to upcycle parts of their recent collections.

Favorite clothing labels:
Locally, Raleigh Denim. Otherwise, there isn’t anything unique about the places I shop. I love a good sale! I am drawn to J. Crew, Anthropologie, French Connection and I enjoy discovering brands online I’ve never heard of before. That said, I am making a conscious effort to support sustainable brands. The fashion industry is very wasteful and bad for the environment. My goal is to reduce my impact so I started having my clothes tailored and re-designed at Glenwood South Tailors. I feel like I am gaining a new wardrobe by adjusting pieces I already have!

Flats vs. Heels:
There are two things I can’t stand: 1. Being cold and 2. Wearing painful shoes. I’m flats and sneakers all the way. I will choose comfort every time.

Local go-to shop:
Raleigh Denim and Edge of Urge. I like popping in to Deco for gifts and admiring Quercus jewelry next door.

Last great lunch:
Capital Club 16 is one of my go-to spots. The Golden Garden Sandwich is my favorite.

Go-to piece:
My navy blue, leather motorcycle jacket purchased in New York from J.Crew. It was the only size in the store and it fit perfectly. It was meant to be!

Favorite piece of jewelry:
I love Peppertrain necklaces and earrings. Kaitlin Ryan makes clay beads by hand, blending colors and creating great shapes. She has incredible style and I love everything she makes!

Travel dreaming:
I like to alternate travel-to-explore and travel-to-relax. Before COVID-19, I crammed in some travel to explore. Right now, I’d like to relax on a warm, remote beach somewhere in Hawaii. I’ve never been!

How do you stay fit:
I try to maintain a daily stretching routine. There was a brief period this summer where I worked my way into a split but, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to maintain it. I also enjoy kicking the soccer ball. My favorite game involves juggling the soccer ball into the basketball net.

Favorite drink:
Every morning I make a pour-over using Black & White Coffee – The Natural. I also drink a green smoothie daily. If I don’t make one at home, I pick one up at Raleigh Raw.

Style secret:
My personal style involves a classic look with a pop of something – color, texture or contrast. A few tips I try to keep in mind:
• Less is more
• Choose one: a strong eyeliner or a bold lip
• Look for patterns or stripes that line up at the seams
• When in doubt, wear black
• Rock it!

Moment in your life that inspired your style:
When I was younger, I coveted bold outfits I saw on the street, in magazines and online. I love clothing that stands out but, at the time, didn’t have the confidence to rock it. Finally, it hit me – why not?! Life’s too short. Wear what you want!

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