Marchell Adams-David

The City’s New Leader

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Marchell Adams-David’s vision for Raleigh.

On December 31, Marchell Adams-David will replace Ruffin Hall as Raleigh’s first woman and African American city manager. Adams-David, who has worked as an assistant city manager since 2014, was unanimously selected by the city council out of a pool of 56 applicants. Upon her selection, Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin remarked that it was a “great day for the City of Raleigh”.

“I enter my new role with humility and pride,” Adams-David said. “I recognize that I am standing on the shoulders of others whose selfless sacrifices made this appointment possible. It is with integrity and compassion that I live, and it will be with integrity and compassion that I lead the City of Raleigh into its best days.”

Adams-David is a two-time graduate of UNC Chapel Hill and has worked in local government for over 27 years—she also served as city manager in her hometown of Hamlet, NC. Adams-David also serves on the North Carolina Arts Council Board of Directors, is a member of Richmond County’s United Way Emergency Food and Shelter Program and won Richmond County’s NAACP Humanitarian of the Year Award in 2014.

As the new city manager, Adams-David will oversee the city’s 4,000 full-time and 3,000 part-time employees across 20 departments and recommend the annual city budget to the council; she is also responsible for administering the $80 million affordable housing bond that passed in the recent election. Adams-David has some ambitious goals of her own, including creating a more equitable and inclusive city, addressing the community’s need to expand public transit options as Raleigh continues to grow, developing policies in which neighborhoods and development co-exist in a mutually inclusive manner and continuing to work with local, state and federal partners to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

“There are several areas within the city where we can come together as a community to build a better Raleigh to ensure prosperity, opportunity, safety and social and economic well-being for everyone,” Adams-David said. “I plan to work tirelessly to ensure that Raleigh continues to be on the ‘best of the best’ lists of places to live, work, play and learn for years to come.”

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