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These Raleigh breweries are giving Truly and White Claw a run for their money with their own delicious versions of spiked seltzers.

In the world of canned alcohol products, spiked seltzer is arguably the best thing since, well, canned beer—especially for those who dislike beer in general or are gluten-intolerant. Brands like Truly and White Claw made low-cal (100 calories or less) spiked seltzer popular—and accessible—but now there are more options than ever to get your seltzer drink on and, lucky for us, Raleigh is ahead of the game.

Many of your favorite local breweries have started to brew their own spiked seltzers in a variety of unique and refreshing flavors that make it easier than ever to drink local. We highlight some of our favorite local options—and anticipate many more delicious spiked seltzers to come.

Lonerider Brewing Company
1626 Glenwood Ave.; 8816 Gulf Court | loneriderbeer.com
Lonerider head brewer Joseph Wheeler brings his typical A-game to the award-winning brewery’s craft seltzers, adding electrolytes and vitamin C to the mix to give the seltzers a healthy boost (and hopefully help prevent those grueling hangovers). You’ll be hard-pressed to choose your fave from cherry lime, strawberry lemonade, mint mojito, watermelon and tropical flavors. But, luckily, you can sample through them all guilt-free—as they’re all less than 100 calories and gluten-free—available on draft and in 16-ounce cans at all locations. Come spring, we highly recommend sipping Lonerider’s seltzers on the patio of its new Five Points location—while snacking on pizza and wings, natch.

Wye Hill Kitchen & Brewing
201 S. Boylan Ave. | wyehill.com
Wye Hill started serving its own housemade seltzers last summer to the joy of every Raleighite who frequents the brewery-restaurant’s patio for can’t-beat food, brews and views (guilty). Serving up another reason to frequent the hot spot, its flavor-forward and super-refreshing seltzers are born of a process involving fermenting a ton of fresh fruit in sugar and water; then adding additional flavor profiles like basil, mint and lime; and kegging it before carbonating. Wye Hill’s premiere seltzer, the Magnificent SOB, packs strawberries, orange zest and basil (nom nom!), and additional small- and large-batch seltzers include blackberry lime and a special Halloween-themed release called People Eater (cherry, coconut milk, pineapple and lime). No matter how you slice it—they’re all spooky good.

Lynnwood Brewing Concern
1053 E. Whitaker Mill Road | lynnwoodbrewing.beer
Lynnwood’s director of brewing operations, Bill Gerds, is on a mission to create a spiked seltzer that’s similar to White Claw—as far as being clear and having no fermentation character. Gerds makes LBC’s seltzer by fermenting a dextrose solution with wine yeast that’s then filtered for clarity and run through a carbon filter to remove the color and fermentation character. Although LBC offers many of the same flavors as White Claw—think black cherry, tangerine, grapefruit and pineapple—Gerds’ housemade seltzers have less sugar and calories (winning!). Be on the lookout for LBC’s new mixed berry, fruit punch and lemon lime flavors coming soon. White Claw who?

Home-State Seltzers

Raleigh breweries aren’t the only ones ahead of the seltzer game. If you’re feelin’ frisky, road-trip it to Charlotte to check out Summit Seltzer—the first seltzer spot on the East Coast, specializing in both hard and nonalcoholic seltzers with fresh fruits. Otherwise, the next time you go on a seltzer run, show some local love and—instead of Truly or White Claw—grab some of these NC-made cans instead.

Bold Rock Hard Seltzer
Bold Rock Hard Cider, Mills River
Big-box grocery stores

NoDa Brewing Company, Charlotte
Total Wine & More

Mother Earth Brewing and Spirits, Kinston
Grocery stores, Weaver Street Market, Total Wine & More, House of Hops, Paddy O’Beers

Twisp Southern Hard Seltzer
Created in partnership with Catawba Brewing Co., Morganton, Charlotte and Asheville
Total Wine & More

Fonta Flora Brewery, Morganton
Select flavors for nationwide shipping, fontaflora.com

Wild Basin
Oskar Blues Brewery, Brevard
Total Wine & More, Target

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