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Dram & Draught Owners to Release Canned Hard Cola and Expand to Five New Locations

In April 2021, Eat by Lauren Kruchten1 Comment

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What’s more popular than a can of cola? How about… one infused with alcohol? Drew Schenck and Kevin Barrett—of Dram & Draught and Coladka fame (cola-flavored vodka)—are releasing a canned ready-to-drink hard cola this spring that’s sure to be the coolest beverage of the season.

“The No. 1 flavor profile in the world is cola,” Schenck says. “We think that an all-natural cola with a kick—hard cola—has a good chance of being the next big thing.” We second that.

Schenck and Barrett’s hard cola, the first locally, is a malt beverage made with natural flavorings and brown sugar, much like the ingredients in the OG Coca-Cola from about 80 years ago, Schenck says—sans the alcohol of course. Come May, when the cans hit grocery stores and local bottle shops, they will join the ranks of other popular ready-to-drink alcoholic beverages on the market—though hard cola is sure to stand out from the fruity-flavored seltzers and hard sodas that are already crowding shelves.

And while the duo already has more flavors in the works, canned beverages aren’t the only thing that has Schenck and Barrett preoccupied these days. The duo is also in the process of expanding their Dram & Draught empire across North Carolina, with forthcoming locations in Cary’s new Fenton development, Winston-Salem, Durham, Charlotte’s South End and downtown Wilmington—aka some of the top hot spots in the state.

Given the hip sip spot’s rising-star status, we’re feeling pretty lucky to have the original Dram & Draught right here in Raleigh—but we can’t wait to watch it shine on.

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