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WEB EXCLUSIVE Mummies have arrived at the North Carolina Museum of Art! March 6 through July 11, eight gilded mummies will be on display as part of the NCMA’s Golden Mummies of Egypt exhibit. Brought over from the Manchester Museum in England, this is the first time the exhibit has been hosted by an American art museum—before the exhibit was only displayed at science museums.

Each of the eight mummies were excavated from Hawara, Egypt, just south of Cairo. Patrons will be able to wander freely throughout the exhibit (masked up, of course!) and learn about seven key themes: life in a multicultural society, ideas about the afterlife, becoming a god, the art of identity, meeting the gods, preserving the body and the mummies’ modern discovery. 

Golden Mummies of Egypt represents a crossroads of cultures, where elaborate, deliberate preparations for the afterlife were informed by multiple time periods and geographies,” said Museum Director Valerie Hillings. “Using art and science together, we’re able to explore concepts around humanity, divinity, and ideals of eternal beauty.” 

Besides mummies, the exhibition features over 100 artifacts, including jewelry, figurines, ceramics, papyri, hieroglyphs and more, all from multicultural Roman Egypt, where Egyptian, Roman, and Greek communities and cultural influences were blended.

Additionally, interactive stations allow visitors to write their own names in hieroglyphics and “unwrap” three of the mummies to see what lies inside their elaborate cases, thanks to data gathered through digital radiography paired with multidirectional CT scanning.

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