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Nerd out over triceratops and T. rex fossils at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences.

If you’re at all like Friends’ Ross Geller (you know, the nerdy paleontologist played by David Schwimmer), you’re going to freak over the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences’ newest permanent Dueling Dinosaurs exhibit. Promising to be rawr-some, the exhibit will transport you back 67 million years to experience two (hence “dueling”) dino specimens—triceratops and T. rex. This prehistoric duo was buried side by side in a single grave during the Late Cretaceous geological period in what is now Montana. They are now two of the most complete skeletons ever discovered—a discovery so big, the NCMNS is building a state-of-the-art new lab to contain it so you can get up-close and personal with these prehistoric fossils and tap the scientists unearthing the long-buried secrets. While you wait for the full display in 2022, you can now quell your anticipation with a first look at these “dueling dinos” via the museum’s recent unveiling of two specimens that will comprise the complete exhibit. (Cue Ross’ famed quirky dino impression.) Free admission;

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