He Shed, She Shed

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Studio Sheds provide space to work, play and stay outside of the home.

When Scott Maitland, founder and owner of Chapel Hill’s famed Top of the Hill restaurant and TOPO Distillery, says to “step into his office,” what he really means is to follow him out to his backyard Studio Shed. The intimate space—which Maitland and wife Ashly bought from the leading prefabricated modern backyard structure company to alleviate the challenges of working from home during the pandemic—houses a large desk, a shelving unit and a cozy couch (for the occasional nap break and the like, natch). “The shed morphed into a much-needed pressure-relief valve—both in terms of space and serenity,” says Maitland. “Our 5-year-old got his own room back, the entire family got its dining room table back, and Ashly and I got a place to think, work and breathe—where the noise of quarantine could be kept to a dull roar.” Besides office spaces, Studio Sheds can also act as yoga and wellness studios, guest rooms, art studios and an additional storage space. One customer even turned theirs into a cat rescue (!). Co-founder Jeremy Nova says that, during the pandemic especially (when many were forced to work from home—and continue to do so), Studio Sheds have allowed individuals to separate their work life from their home life, and maintain their home as a sanctuary while nurturing creative passions elsewhere. We could all use a way to shed some stress these days, are we right? studio-shed.com

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