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Refurbished 3D Theater at NC Science Museum Reopens on Aug. 13

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WEB EXCLUSIVE Grab some popcorn and head over to the recently revamped WRAL 3D Theater at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences for some great nature-themed films this weekend.

Sharks, predators and volcanoes—oh, my! The refurbished WRAL 3D Theater at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences is reopening to the public this Friday, Aug. 13, with a 4K laser projector and improved audio system that’s sure to make viewing upcoming movies (see: Volcanoes, Incredible Predators, Great White Shark and Tiny Giants) all the more rawrsome.

The upgraded moviegoing experience is thanks to a grant from the A.J. Fletcher Foundation. Aside from the projector and audio system, the theater now also boasts new carpeting, reupholstered seats, better sound baffling and improvements to the presentation stage. 

This weekend, give all the cool new features a go with museum fave Tiny Giants, which follows a chipmunk in a wild wood and a grasshopper mouse in a scorched Arizona desert and their battles once they find themselves alone for the first time. Then, move over Shark Week! Dive into the depths of the ocean with Great White Shark, taking you around the world to learn more about its most feared predator (Hey, Alexa: Play Jaws theme song).

And don’t miss one of the newest features at the theater—tour the ring of fire to learn about the science and adventure behind the world’s volcanoes through Volcanoes 3D.

Then, last but not least, join the hunt with some of Earth’s other major predators with Incredible Predators, which may make you realize those seemingly intimidating animals (e.g. cheetahs) are actually not as scary as you think they are. For more details on the films, screening times and tickets, visit the theater’s calendar.

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