All That Glitters Is Gold

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Lunae offers timeless, minimalist jewelry that adds a pop of bling to any outfit.

In Lebanese culture, gold jewelry is the ultimate gift. Brides-to-be are gifted gobs of gold jewelry when they get engaged (um, forget the personalized wine glasses, kitchen equipment and towels!), as are newly born daughters. 

Channeling that cultural tradition is Reem Mosleh, a Lebanese Raleigh-based blogger who last year launched a national treasure of sorts with her personally curated jewelry line, Lunae. This month look for the brand to drop a customizable fall collection—and Mosleh’s first handmade line.

Revolving around high-quality modern-day basics, Lunae’s line leans minimalist via versatile bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings that add just a touch of stylish bling (and sometimes color!) to any outfit. “I wouldn’t bring anything to the brand that I wouldn’t wear myself,” Mosleh says. “I’m really focused on quality.”

And with an eye to timeless accessibility, instead of being made from pure gold (“it’s expensive,” explains Mosleh), Lunae’s pieces are made with 18K gold-plated sterling silver, resulting in affordable, stylish jewelry that can be worn to work, the gym, a night out on the town—or anything in between (with no fear of getting the pieces rusty in the shower!)—and stay in style for years to come. Bling it on.

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