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Everyday home care just got an easy upgrade via the one point-of-contact service Exhale.

Matt Sheehan admits that he isn’t very handy (who else can relate?!), so when his downstairs bathroom got a leaky faucet in 2011, he knew he’d have to prepare himself for the hassle he’d have to go through to get it fixed. 

A former executive at Redbox and then Primo Water Corporation, Sheehan had his hands full with his career, wife and three kids. A leaky faucet would mean having to spend time finding someone to fix it, most likely being overcharged for a simple fix, plus a day or two of lost time dealing with it all.

Sheehan knew there had to be a better, more-curated and proactive solution for home maintenance. Enter Exhale, a membership-based, all-in-one home maintenance and repair company that combines all of the services a homeowner would need under one point of contact.

Co-founded by Sheehand and Sanay Patel in 2020, Exhale is able to build a relational tie to its consumers—not only responding very quickly when things happen in the home, but more often than not proactively getting ahead of customers’ needs. Plus, issues that creep up over time and possibly devalue a home can be addressed earlier. 

“It is drastically different having a program like that with one point of contact rather than, on average, 20 different services that you need to manage,” says Sheehan of services like pool maintenance, house cleaning, electrical, pressure washing and much more. 

Sheehan, who is also a member of his company, feels homeowners in the Triangle are ready for the service he is offering. While Exhale took on its first set of clients in February and has been keeping membership small with less than 15 customers, Sheehan feels that now is the time to lean into growth.

“We wanted to make sure the idea we have for a very high level of service, great customer service, great attention to our members—that we could pull that off,” says Sheehan. “We didn’t doubt it, but we wanted to prove it.” 

Exhale is also continuing to hire and build relationships with trade partners in the Triangle, allowing for deep capabilities and capacities for new members. And the company is interviewing home managers, handymen and salespeople to have service ready and ahead of
member demands.

“We are relational, not transactional,” says Sheehan. “Most services are built as a service model. We are a consumer model. We put an average of seven hours of diligence into a home before we even give you a proposal. We get to know you, get to know your home, get to know your needs, and then we curate a plan that’s built just for you.”

By handling household maintenance, Sheehan hopes to ease the minds of homeowners and give them time back to do other things without worrying about plumbing issues or broken sprinklers. 

“At the end of the day, our purpose is to turn homes into havens, to create an inspiring place to work and to serve our community,” Sheehan says. One number to call for any problem that arises in your home? Now that’s a good reason to exhale. exhaleathome.com

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