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NC State releases a series of wines in partnership with state wineries.

Giving you one more reason to “wine” about it, now your “pour” decisions can support the Pack. Enter the NC State University Hallowed Places Collection of premium vintage vinos—a just-announced partnership between the university and state wineries. The first in the limited-edition lineup is this Shelton Vineyards The Brickyard red wine blend, a portion of the proceeds of which support NC State student scholarships. 

For this varietal, Shelton Vineyards was plucked for the plum partnership from a vat of other interested wineries via a North Carolina Wine & Grape Council-hosted tasting panel. “We were honored to be chosen to create this wine,” says Shelton Vineyards co-owner Mandy Shelton Houser, “and hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor—and a partnership that is uniquely North Carolinian.”

Emblazoned with a brilliantly designed label of the U’s iconic Brickyard—mad credit to NCSU College of Design graphic design student Carter Avayou—the bottle is available for order from the vineyard’s website. Or you can sip and relax in the vineyard’s tasting room. Just don’t rest on your laurels—this limited edition caps at 2,500 bottles. 

But before you become uncorked—there will be more blends highlighting more “Hallowed Places.” Set to expand the series in coming years, NC State plans to partner with a select NC winery from the nearly 200 across the state for each iteration—and looks to launch officially licensed wines with state vineyards across other categories as well (think, for example, the university’s unique historic ties to the muscadine grape).

“North Carolina viticulture is a deep-rooted and strong part of our research and work at NC State, as well as a growing sector of the economy across our state,” says Christopher Boyer, assistant vice chancellor of strategic brand management at NC State. “This partnership showcases the important work of NC State Extension agents to help farmers across the state thrive. And, with a portion of proceeds benefiting academic scholarships, it will help us further our commitment to providing opportunities and access for students.”

Palatable potables that are farm-friendly and aid academics? Sounds like a good excuse to pour one out for the Pack. $39.99, sheltonvineyards.com 

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