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Gather is no longer a bad word—and we are ready to max the mingle this holiday season. Since we are all more thankful than ever for time together, this year, we suggest you swap those hours in the kitchen with memorable moments by outsourcing these holiday staples. We know—the Greatest Generation (circa early 1900s) instilled in us to cook every morsel of our own Thanksgiving meals—but women also kept the home… and times they are a changin’ (minus the meal staples).

A century since those days of post-World War I renewed hope and defined gender roles, where the turkey and all the trimmings were prepared by the woman of the house, in today’s myriad homes—dual-working, single parent, childless professional and so on—it’s become acceptable to not only potluck it up (nod to Friendsgiving, credited largely to Friends and millennials), but to reap the tasty triumphs of local chefs at the ready to prepare these holiday faves to delicious result.

And often the cost difference of buying up all the ingredients is a wash—plus, time is money, folks, and sweat equity is a thing. Translation? It’s not taboo any more to order out some fab dishes—and support local in the process—so you can focus on the fam instead. (And, yes, you can still make that legacy pumpkin pie or casserole, obv). So peep our shopping list, get your orders in—then pour yourself a cocktail and pull out the cornhole boards. This year’s for quality time.

Thanksgiving Shopping List

Turkey | Wegmans

Pimento mac & cheese | Beasley’s Chicken + Honey

Butternut squash soup | Perry’s Steakhouse & Grill

Brussels sprouts | Sitti

Sweet potato casserole | Parkside

Green bean casserole | The Pit

Shrimp cocktail | Locals Seafood

Mashed potatoes & gravy | Whole Foods

Fall Harvest Bread | La Farm Bakery

Chocolate chess pie | Angus Barn

Harvest Moscow Mule

Wine | BottleMixx & Short Walk Wines

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