Unplugged: Top Raleigh Podcasts November 2021

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Local podcasts you should check out to stay plugged in

Dirt NC

If you’re lookin’ for the latest dirt on all things “built environment” in the land of the pines, you’re gonna wanna tune in to this recently launched podcast about NC’s awesome places and spaces and the peeps behind them, hosted by Raleigh placemaker and business developer Jed Byrne. dirtnc.buzzsprout.com

We Get Real AF

Who run the world? Girls! And this female-led
and -driven upbeat emerging tech and science podcast by co-founders Vanessa Alava and Sue Robinson is at the forefront. Launched June 2020 and featuring influential, super-cool high-tech females to educate, inspire and empower, “WeGRAF”—which stands for Women and Girls in Emerging Tech, XR, AI and Futurism—is already racking in best tech and best new podcast accolades, and top 25% download rankings. So just like Bey predicted… “My persuasion, can build a nation / endless power / with our love we can devour.” GIRLS! wegetrealaf.com  

NC State ‘Stuff’

If you bleed red and white, then you know—the Law of the Wolf always creeps in: missed field goals, a triple-OT “knee down,” the 2021 College World Series send-home… heartbreaking failures, uncanny coincidences and so on. Is the Pack cursed or just down on its luck? 99.9 The Fan’s rad radio personality Lauren Brownlow digs into what’s been dubbed “NC State ‘Stuff’” in this year’s five-epipod series where she chats bewildered fans, former players, sports-sperts, psychologists and more to determine: Is State really doomed? Or is it just, well, NC State ‘Stuff’? wralsportsfan.com

Love Nature

If you’ve got 99 probs and a birch ain’t one then you’ll be stoked to learn North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences’ podcast has returned in its investigation of our inherent fascination with all-things nature via guest field experts (think science, research, art and more) who promise to inspire and stoke deeper understanding—naturally. love-nature.org

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