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Peace for Raleigh

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WEB EXCLUSIVE New mural aims to spread awareness and reduce gun violence in Raleigh.

2021 wasn’t a good year for gun-related crimes in Raleigh. Aggravated assaults involving guns increased by 39%, while crimes involving guns increased 22%–with shooting homicides increasing slightly over last year as well. 

In response to the recent uptick in gun violence, international artist Kyle Holbrook handpainted the “Peace Raleigh” mural on South West Street, depicting a large hand making the peace sign with the words “Stop Gun Violence” as part of the 50-state National Stop Gun Violence mural tour. 

Sponsored by public arts organization Moving the Lives of Kids Community Mural Project, “Peace Raleigh” aims to bring maximum awareness to the message of reducing gun violence in the community while serving as a place of healing and remembrance for families of victims. At 8 feet high, Holbrook maintains the mural is large enough to not be missed by anybody driving, walking or riding a bicycle, while also small enough so people can get selfie‘s with it and share on social media, thus spreading the message further. So do it for the ’Gram—and to give peace a chance.

“The intent behind the national tour and the ‘Peace Raleigh’ mural is to capitalize on the increased popularity of Streetart to disseminate the message of peace while increasing gun violence awareness,” adds Holbrook. “Of course, the colors were chosen because of NC State, and utilizing the universal symbol of peace makes the message easily attainable. Raleigh is a great city! My hope is this mural is a catalyst for inspiration as to solutions to gun violence.”

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