Glam(p) It Up

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The lap of luxury is… just outside your back door? Local business Glamp Raleigh is calling for a return to the great outdoors—only this time, you don’t even have to leave the neighborhood.

Pitch, please. If the thought of taking a trip to the backwoods with only a measly tent, a deflated air mattress and a disappointing campfire turns you off, maybe you’re better suited for the glamping life (air conditioning, an actual bed… ah, Mother Nature at its finest!). Enter Glamp Raleigh, a Raleigh-owned and -operated small business that’s kindling backyard campsites—Moroccan-palace style.

Glamp Raleigh’s ultimate glamping experience features spacious tents, luxurious bedding, premium mattresses, ambient lighting and beautiful decor—and you don’t even have to lift a finger. Whether you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind date night, some not-so-forced family fun, a group getaway or a solo retreat, Glamp Raleigh has all you need and s’more.  

After experiencing his own bout of work-life monotony, Glamp Raleigh founder Michael Cutts—born with entrepreneurial aspirations—started his glamping service in hopes of helping families and friends escape mundane life and create lasting (and, ideally, distraction-free) memories. 

“I have always known that I wanted my own business,” says Cutts. “I knew I wanted to create something that made people happy. Glamping was the perfect way to step away from the desk life that never filled my cup and bring happiness to people.”

Now, we know what you’re thinking—it’s winter, and why on Earth would anyone want to spend a night outside in 30-degree weather. But before you go and get your tent all in a twist, Glamp Raleigh also offers heating and AC options for year-round comfortable glamps—because if you’re gonna bring a mattress, you might as well bring the heater too, right? Glamp Raleigh also “pitches” indoor glamps perfect for next-level slumber parties, birthday celebrations or, honestly, just some good ole mental stimulation—because we can all go a little stir crazy sometimes.

“I love the outdoors and all that goes along with it, but I also need and love creature comforts,” admits Cutts. “It’s nice to be able to combine the two.” 

And if you’re really yurting to get away from the house this winter—who isn’t—Glamp Raleigh travels, offering remote glamps at city parks (no overnights), private farms, local campgrounds (Falls Lake), as well as other open spaces you’ve had your eye on. 

As spring rolls around, dining alfresco and watching outdoor movies hosted by Glamp Raleigh are two other ops for weekend fun with fam and friends. And if you’re a business owner, Glamp Raleigh can shake up your annual retreat or luncheon. 

So to get your glamp on stat, pro tip from Cutts himself: Book in advance! Even the winter months fill up quickly with people antsy to escape their usual four walls. And with spring fever on the horizon, well, as they say, “the early bird gets the worm.” Cutts also recommends considering your yard size before booking, as the tents—in all their luxury—need breathing room too, ya know.

So, if you need some fresh air—and perhaps a fresh perspective—and you’d rather not have to plan a vacation or organize travel plans (or, ahem, pitch your own tent), stay local with Glamp Raleigh and have all your childhood dreams (and adult needs!) taken care of… hassle-free. 

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