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Speakeasy Sojourn

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Of all the juice joints in all the world, these 7 speakeasies within a five-hour drive of Raleigh are worth hitting the road for.

Swap your standard day drinking for a day trip to one of these proximal drinking dens. All positioned within a five-hour drive of Raleigh, these elusive juice joints—with their hidden entrances, steep staircases, long hallways, secret words and authenticity (not to mention booze-forward bevs)—add a sense of history (Gatsby, anyone?), mystery and adventure to your next hooch hankering. A sort of “parlor games” road trip, if you will. (Oh, and stay tuned to our free e-newsletter for seven more blind-pig picks that promise to be the bee’s knees for back-alley boozehounds).   




Since “we’re all mad here,” less could be more apt for some giggle juice than this Alice in Wonderland-themed spot accessible down the rabbit hole (OK, through the radical book library at Eaton—same diff). But you should totes nosh on the Rabbit Hole (crispy braised rabbit fritters) while sipping on the Through My Eyes whiskey and soda with a twist. Alice would be proud.

Captain Gregory’s



You donut need to worry about a thing at this secret spot hidden inside a donut shop, dishing up small plates and inventive cocktails worth the day trip.

Backstage Lounge


2.5-hour drive

On the backside of SouthBound and down the hall from Modern Classics Grooming Lounge is a mural-lined hallway leading to an enclosed phone booth where you provide the secret entry word of the week (peep social), where, once inside, more surprises unfold.

Mata Hari


5-hour drive

The perf scapegoat (nod to the Dutch exotic dancer-turned-supposed spy), tunnel back in time via this super-hidden dimly lit Jazz Age den known for its strong drinks (absinthe!), wafting tunes, burlesque shows and authenticity (it reqs a key… but scoop has it that a quiet chat with a hotel concierge just may get you in).

Grandstaff & Stein


2.5-hour drive

Turns out secrets really do make friends. Retreat to the Roaring ’20s where, tucked behind a bookshelf, you’ll unearth this Prohibition-themed juice joint—but to enter, you must first procure the password from The Juice Joint online. Pro tip: That Burlesque Brunch though…

The Crow & Quill


3.5-hour drive

“Deep into the darkness peering… ?” If Edgar Allen Poe had a speakeasy, this would probs be it—a moody, cozy juice joint with live music behind an unmarked (chamber) door. Rap tap tap.

Vault & Vator

Greenville, SC

4-hour drive

Subterranean is sexy. Tucked away in this Don Draper-esque drinking den—home to the original Vault and Elevator (hence, Vault & Vator) occupied by Dr. Pepper at the turn of the century—this libation-forward lair harkens back to a lost era of cozy convo and convivial cocktails (with well-curated small plates to boot). Clearly just what the doctor ordered.

Vault & Vator

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