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We’ve always watered our houseplants from the top, but we’ve heard that by watering from the bottom, the plant waters itself—creating greener, healthier, sprouting plants, and without the risk of overwatering. Is this true?


Wet My Plants

Dear Wet My Plants,

The rumors are true! Bottom watering is a great way to give water to your plants. Lots of plants—especially cacti/succulents—love this method. 

Plant babies are a lot like kids—they are all very unique and require different things. Some plants like to be left alone, and some need extra attention. Bottom watering fits the needs of lots of plants on a broad spectrum of care since it allows the plant to be independent. 

Instead of you giving it a certain amount of water that could be too much or too little, it can take what it needs without you having to play a guessing game.

My bottom watering method happens in two different ways. The first option is with plants that are small enough to fit in the sink. I’ll stop up the sink and fill it up with a couple inches of water; place the whole plant (pot and all) in the sink, and allow the plant to soak up the water from the holes in the bottom of the pot. If the plants take up all the water, I’ll fill the sink up again and leave them for another 20 minutes to take whatever additional water they need. After they’re done drinking, I’ll put them back in their place. 

For the second option, if the plant is larger, I’ll fill up its bottom saucer with water several times until it stops drinking. Any water that the plant doesn’t soak up, I’ll dump out later.

I’m Kay… a houseplant fan girl who runs The Houseplant Hippie! I advocate for people’s best success with plant babies by offering consultation, installation and delivery services, along with running my mobile plant shop during my free time. Let’s learn and grow together!

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