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Upping the local sweet factor is Geluna Gelato.

Ciao, bella! For a taste of Italy in the South worth melting for, look no further than Geluna Gelato, which is opening its first brick-and-mortar in Downtown Cary in April after several successful pop-ups—and almost five years of blood, sweat and tears (er, recipe-tasting, construction and sourcing!). 

Owners Diana and Warwick* did their (tasty) homework with a true sweet escape—sampling gelato all over the globe (especially Italy, natch). But it was a shop in Australia, from where Warwick hails that inspired them to go to Carpigiani Gelato University in Italy (yes, it’s a real thing) and learn the scoop, if you will—plus train with a gelato maestro from Bologna. Now, they’re bringing those sweet skills to their gelato shop here in NC, slated to open in April as one of the first of its kind in the Triangle. 

Not to be confused with ice cream (and, if you ask for our hot take, gelato is better…), gelato is denser, smoother and creamier, and is made with different ratios of milk, cream and sugar. But Geluna Gelato could be confused with an Italian gelateria—because it’s that good. 

Starting with local milk and cream, and made with fresh, raw ingredients with no preservatives or artificial flavors, Geluna Gelato‘s rotating small-batch flavors include must-licks like peanut butter stracciatella, milk and cookies, sea salted caramel, blueberry yogurt, and chocolate—plus tangerine, strawberry and a variety of other dairy-free sorbets. Not to mention gelato pops (!) and cookie sandwiches. 

“We’re really just going for giving people an experience, and just that pure pleasure of closing your eyes and being like, ‘Oh, that’s so good,’” says Diana. So, like Gwen Stefani said… “If I could escape and recreate a place as my own world … now wouldn’t that be sweet?” Yup. Essentially, it’s heaven—er, Italy?—in a cup. gelunagelato.com

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