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Calling all Cycle-paths

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In honor of National Bike Month, check out this app for Raleigh biking and some stats/info on how and where the bell to get a bike. 

Ditch the four wheels and go for a ride for National Bike Month! It’s apparent that the City of Oaks is growing more and more bike-dependent (we see you bike lanes and trails!), so we’ve done the legwork of gathering all the info necessary to help you become an in-the-know Raleigh cyclist in no time. Whether you’re already a big-time biker or you’re just looking for a wheelie cool way to navigate the city (hello, summer!), we’ve got you covered—as your official 2022 spokes-person.

There’s an App for That

Navigating Raleigh by bike can be tiresome, but, luckily, there’s an app for that! From where you can bike safely on the road to the City of Oaks’ many bike trails to where you can find a bike—plus plenty other burning questions/concerns you may have about the local cycle scene—the official BikeRaleigh app has you covered. Making cycling more convenient, comfortable and cautious for Raleighites, this app has biking down to a cycle-ology so you can safely (and smartly!) navigate the city. Wheel, yeah!

Bikes = The New Toilet Paper

Had trouble finding a bike? You weren’t alone. Like toilet paper, they became a hot commodity propelled by the pandemic—which, in this case, really changed people’s cycling habits, and thus the demand for two-wheelers. A chain reaction if you will. But as we emerge, local shops are returning to stock and regular “service.” So, whether you fancy a ride or have one that needs fixin’, we rolled together a host of local spots with good-quality bikes and service that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Oak City Cycling

Pop in for a tuneup or repair, or shop among nine different brands of bikes to find the perfect fit—and price!—for you. Pros to amateurs can find their match among Oak City Cycling’s various price ranges, colors and models, ensuring you’re ready to ride no matter where the road (or trail) may take you. oakcitycycling.com

Cycle Logic

Raleigh’s oldest bike shop wants to be a part of your adventure—whether it’s to revamp your bike or get you ready to roll on a mountain, street, greenway or anywhere in between. Shop bikes, parts, wheels and accessories, or just stop in to ask your burning bike questions.

John Bicycles

Need a tuneup? Grab your chain gang and head to John Bicycles for same-day service (!) that comes with a personal, judgment-free process of fixing your ride. johnbicycles.com

Trek Bicycles 

“Ride bikes, have fun, feel good.” If you’re tired, start with an online assessment, or head to Trek’s location in Holly Park to find the perf ride for your level of skill, comfort and versatility. trekbikes.com

  • 10th safest city for cyclists in 2021
  • 31 Citrix Cycle stations (and 336 bikes!) spread out around Downtown core and Hillsborough Street.
  • 80 mile of bike lanes in Raleigh
  • Raleigh was ranked the No. 114 best biking city in America in 2021. 
  • 8 kinds of bike lanes in Raleigh

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