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Raleigh’s native “bachelor” gives Raleigh Mag the inside scoop on his new book and life after The Bachelor.

Despite being on TV for almost three months for season 25 of The Bachelor, man-of-the-hour Matt James feels there’s a lot people don’t know about him. Like the fact that he’s from Raleigh (!), attended and played football for Wake Forest University, or that he started a nonprofit org in NYC called ABC Food Tours that empowers students by providing experiences across diverse cultures and
career opportunities. 

And as for what’s been going on in his life after the show, the internet is full of… uncertainty. Here to reveal all—to the whole world—is James himself, whose new book, First Impressions, comes out May 3.

“I think a lot of people who watch the show watch it in this tunnel,” said James in an exclusive interview with Raleigh Magazine. “They hear something; they watch something on TV; and what they take in is their truth. And it’s dangerous because oftentimes things aren’t as they appear or as they seem. And that was definitely the case with my relationship and my experience on the show.”

It took James a while to agree to be on the show in the first place. He was working in commercial real estate at the time—his dream job—and he didn’t want to invest his time in something that would take him away from it. However, James says he was inspired by how his former roommate and The Bachelorette season 15 contestant Tyler Cameron changed for the better after being on the show—so he ultimately chose to take that leap of faith.

Now, James hopes that First Impressions will give people, well, a new “first impression,” if you will, of who he really is as a person. “I felt like this book was a chance for me to control that narrative and really give people a doorway into my life, my experiences, why I do the things I do, why I operate the way I do, and just a more holistic view of my life,” James said. “That’s really what I was hoping to do with this book and I feel like I did. I’m really excited to share that with everybody.”

By the Numbers:

  • 29: Age when he went on The Bachelor
  • Graduated in 2015 from Wake Forest University (with a bachelor’s degree in economics)
  • May 3: The day his book First Impressions comes out
  • 911K: Instagram followers @mattjames919
  • FIRST African American male lead on The Bachelor
  • Born Dec. 5, 1991

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  1. I agree you had to give a narrative of yourself. The show did not allow that. I have been following you and Racheal throughout these months. You are a giving, caring and a wonderful person. I think in the closing chapter a small narrative of your relationship with Racheal now! I feel she helped you find happiness and peace. She is a bright light totally committed to you. As you she is forgiving and is with you every step of the way. Peace and love.

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