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The One Eighties

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Former New Reveille band members comprise the new duo that is The One Eighties.

Daniel Cook and Autumn Brand will be the first to tell you that they’re always changing their minds. Which is why the name of their new band, The One Eighties, is so fitting (get it?). Former members of New Reveille, Cary-based Cook and Brand took their time figuring out what they were going to do when their former label folded and the band slowly dissolved—but they both knew, no matter what, they were going to continue to do music. 

Now, as they drop their first single, “Dead Star Light” June 3 (get excited!), the band also sneaks us the sound of their next single (slated for August, ahead of their debut album set to release in 2023)—noting it’ll be different (a one-eighty, if you will) but still connected by the beautiful harmony of Brand’s voice and violin playing, and Cook’s guitar skills. (Cook is also responsible for all the mixing and production of the songs.) 

At first, The One Eighties was actually a joke band name they came up with… but it stuck—as it holds true to their new sound and MO. “We joke that it’s like a stew and we’re throwing in all our favorite stuff,” says Cook. “We have orchestral; we have synth pop influences; we have classic rock and psychedelic stuff we’re trying to work in.”

The duo also mixes in inspiration from other artists—from Pink Floyd to Kacey Musgraves to Lana Del Rey. “Each musician or artist that I know of has influences that are all over the map,” Cook explains. “We’re not gonna change our minds back and forth about what we’re gonna do, we’re just gonna do everything.” 

And the fact that they’re not putting themselves in one box allows them to continue to switch up their sound and evolve. “I like variety,” Brand adds. “And it’s crazy that there was not this idea of what it was gonna sound like, but we arrived there together.”

So if you were expecting another New Reveille album… sorry to disappoint. But The One Eighties’ new genre-blending sound is sure to keep you turned around—in the best way possible. 

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