Golden K Dog

Truck Chasers June 2022

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Raleigh-area food trucks we’re loving right now

Golden K Dog

What’s up, dog? Raleigh’s first Korean corn dog food truck is open for biz and you’re gonna wanna see what all the hype is about. Not your typical freezer section corn dog, this classic Korean street food is made with your choice of a hot dog, cheese, or half-and-half; then battered in an original coating (potato or sweet potato); and fried to a perfectly crispy golden brown. Top it off with allll the sauces—because you can never have too many—and get your camera ready for the most ’Grammable cheese pull.

Funnel Queens 

This Black-, woman- and family-owned #FunnelFam is putting the fun in funnel cakes by serving up the fried delicacy in ways you’ve never before seen (or tasted!). Take the Royal Chicken-n-Cakes, for example—essentially a chicken and waffle riff, only with a funnel cake in place of the waffle, and topped with powdered sugar and maple syrup (!). The menu also feats a classic fluffy funnel cake with powdered sugar—but no matter what you choose, you’re in for the royal treat-ment.

Ella’s Eats

A penny for your thoughts? Johnston County’s first and only Southern fusion food truck is rollin’ through the Triangle to “spread tasty eats and positivity one penny and mile at a time!” Each guest is asked “tell me something good” at the window to earn a “Positive Penny”—and is then implored to pay it forward. Positivity (and satisfaction!) also comes in the form of comforting eats like grilled mac and cheese, and bacon jalapeno wontons. Talk about an ella good experience! 

Yagg Sii Tenn

The “food and culture of the motherland” is right at your fingertips thanks to this African food truck. Translating to “patience and perseverance,” Yagg Sii Tenn offers one-of-a-kind authentic African cuisine from the likes of Senegal, Ghana and Kenya, perf for broadening your culinary horizons—think jollof rice, fish fataya, Yassa jerk chicken, and falafel. So, like a getaway for your taste buds. Yassa, please!

*Looking for a specific truck? Check out the street food finder to find your fave food truck.

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