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Here’s a roundup of local podcasts you should check out to stay plugged in.

Office Talk w/ Raleigh Magazine

Shameless plug. ICYMI we have a podcast—and it ranks in the top 10 of all podcasts (!)… so you’re gonna wanna hang with us. You’d be surprised what doesn’t— or can’t—make it into the mag. New episodes drop every Tuesday wherever you stream your faves.


Remember This Is Love? Well before there was “love” there was crime (we know—it’s usually the other way around). From the makers of the warm & fuzzy podcast is its older sibling—the highly acclaimed and addictive award-winning true-crime podcast Criminal about people who’ve “done wrong, been wronged or gotten caught somewhere in the middle.” Getcha popcorn ready. thisiscriminal.com

Bar Curious

If you’ve ever looked for answers in a bottle (no judgment!) this one’s for you. After a hiatus, spirited cocktail bar owners Mike Stojic and Joey Barbour (of Revival 1869 and Blind Barbour fame, respectively) make their eagerly anticipated return to deep dive into the curiosities that comprise bar life as they sip their way through “spirit, history and culture.” Like didja know our first prez had a distillery and loved rye whiskey and stout beers? We’ll cheers to that! barcurious.podbean.com

Battle Bops

Don’t bop it till you’ve tried it. This much-missed Cards Against Humanity-styled pod—but with music categories (think: songs to sing to your ex via voicemail)—is back in all its hilarity, hosted by local stand-up legends Benjamin Malone and Jake Weddle. “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” FTW! @battlebopspod 

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