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A newly launched company has made owning a vacation home “plum easy.”

Ready to make one of your #lifegoals plum easy? Locally based Plum CoOwnership has created an “easy button” for owning your dream vacation home in NC. For real. 

Founded by Matt Williamson earlier this year, Plum acts as a concierge, aggregator and facilitator to help groups of people find, prepare for and buy a home they deem their perfect getaway—from a gorgeous six-bedroom in the Outer Banks to a cozy mountain home in Boone to a cute city house in Asheville

“There are 25 or 30 different decisions that have to be made [when co-owning a vacation home], so it’s really hard unless you know what they are, and then you can guide people to success,” says Williamson. “So that’s what we’re building the company around. We built up knowledge of how people do this well, and we’re positioning people to walk them through it.”

Swipe through existing Plums (aka preexisting co-ownership proposals) on the company’s website, or build your own with your preferred price, location, number of bedrooms, and other details like waterfront access and/or a hot tub (um—yes, please!). After finding or making a Plum, it’s time to gather a crew—get your friends or fam on board, or search through vetted “PlumCertified” co-owners with
similar interests. 

Once your group is all set, Plum helps you iron out the important stuff, like building the right legal agreements, forming house rules and setting up a budget. A Plum Certified Realtor specially trained to work with group co-ownership helps you wrap things up—and, voila, you have a vacation home (!). And one more “strength in numbers” perk—since you’ll only be paying a portion of the mortgage, maintenance and reserve fund, your wallet won’t groan in protest. It all sounds pretty juicy, doesn’t it? plumcoownership.com

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