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Girl talk gets a whole new meaning with this creative agency’s newly launched talk show, Hey Awesome Girl With Tivi Jones

Who run the world? Girls. And local Tivi Jones—founder and CEO of premier creativity agency Hey Awesome Girl and newly launched talk show Hey Awesome Girl With Tivi Jones—is on a mission to empower and lift up every female, especially women of color, in digital entrepreneurship, while also bridging the gap in racial and gender wealth disparity.

On her show, she chats “amazing boss babes in tech, medicine, law, entrepreneurship, parenting and more about their lives, goals and their ‘why,’” says Jones. It’s part business advice, part life coaching and part real talk with your girlfriends. Here, we reverse the roles and query Jones about femmepreneurs, the upcoming season and more.

Give us a little backstory? I want people to know I didn’t come to this path easily or lightly. I began consulting professionally in 2004, and I officially launched my own consulting company in 2010. I’ve also always been a person intrigued by personal development and life optimization. After battling depression for decades, healing from divorce, being unappreciated at work and with clients, and managing my grief after the death of my 30-year-old brother, I realized that there was power and healing in conversations and sharing.

How do you hope your agency inspires and empowers women? I’ve seen personally how building and growing my consulting business has helped me overcome many challenges. My hope is our agency will give women the resources they need to build a career that helps them feel confident in how inherently valuable they are to this world, build wealth for themselves and their communities, and free themselves from any exploitation and expectation based on toxic patriarchal norms.

How does digital entrepreneurship impact women? It’s a tool for freedom because it can look so many different ways and can be perfectly customized to whatever you need it to be—and an amplifier because it gives you a means to directly reach people who need what you have to offer and support your personal mission. 

Your team is a powerful example of what digital entrepreneurship could look like… As a 37-year-old queer Black woman from Eastern North Carolina who was laughed at when I left my job to start a company called Hey Awesome Girl, I’m an example of what could be. Our team is 90% female-identifying and 75% people of color. 

Your ultimate goal? To help more women come alive—in all the positive, authentic and life-affirming ways. I see digital entrepreneurship and my company as a tool for that transformation. And our mission with this show is to empower, inspire and connect awesome people to other awesome people. 

Season two of your show kicks off in July. What’s the MO? To create something for all the girls, to really lean into creating an inclusive space where no matter what type of ‘girl’ you are, our show provides you with business advice and life coaching while having a real talk with girlfriends. It’s real; it’s relatable; and it’s inspiring.

On her show, Jones has covered everything from the Hey Awesome Girl framework of “pleasure, ease and abundance” to misconceptions about grief to inclusion in schools, how to deal with “mind trash,” and so much more. “I’m thrilled that our conversations get so deep,” says Jones, “and I know those deep (and real) conversations are a reflection of the fact that I’m genuinely interested in, curious about and inspired by each of the guests.” Here, her fave nuggets of wisdom garnered by the awesome gals in season one. 

• There’s power in connecting your mastery to your legacy when it comes to your career.

• It’s OK if your dreams change!

• Grief is change-management… which means it’s not always connected to death. Sometimes you grieve when things change in your life.

• Freedom doesn’t look one way—sometimes freedom can be loud and sometimes it can be quiet.

• Leaning into discomfort is how you grow and make changes in your life.

• Pain isn’t comparable. You can’t compare your pain to someone else’s in order to weigh whether your feelings are valid or not.

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