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We All Scream for Ice Cream

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It is hot. Temperatures in Raleigh have officially reached triple digits, with humidity making it feel like a thousand degrees. … Basically, it’s been unbearable. At this time of year in North Carolina, the cure to cooling yourself down is some nice, cold ice cream—by a beach or the pool, if you’re lucky! Below, we rounded up a few of our favorite Raleigh ice cream spots to keep the heat at bay for National Ice Cream Day July 17—and throughout the summer.

Two Roosters

Known for: Rotating monthly flavors that fit a festive theme. This month’s special flavors feature Two Roosters’ greatest hits—think Peanut Butter Brownie, Peach and Blue Corn Cookie, and Lemon Bar.

Videri Chocolate Factory

Known for: If you didn’t already love Videri for their amazing chocolates (we don’t know how you couldn’t…), here’s another reason to visit: its soft-serve window scoops up vanilla and chocolate soft serve with toppings galore!

Howling Cow Dairy Education Center and Creamery

Known for: Howling Cow is a Raleigh icon. The ice cream is made on NC State’s campus with milk and cream from more than 300 NC State cows on the veterinary school’s farm in Raleigh, with Wolf Tracks being a crowd favorite!

Andia’s Homemade Ice Cream

Known for: Premium ice cream made with rBST-free milk that comes from pasture-raised cows featured in monthly flavors, along with extravagant milkshakes, cookie sandwiches, sundaes and other ice cream creations.

Raleigh Rolls

Known for: Create-your-own rolled ice cream or specialty creations like Benelux Biscoffee, Chocolate Overload, Mixed Berry and S’mores. There’s only one way to find out if rolled ice cream is better…

FRESH. Local Ice Cream

Known for: It’s in the name—FRESH. has been creating innovative flavors of ice cream for 30 years using fresh ingredients from local farms for scoops, sundaes and ice cream cakes.


Known for: A plethora of homemade flavors, best served in a freshly made waffle cone. Fudge, caramel apples, brittles, truffles and other confections are also available.

Goodberry’s Frozen Custard

Known for: All-natural frozen custard made with just milk, cream, eggs, pure cane sugar, honey and natural vanilla extract (in the vanilla flavor). Every day Goodberry’s features a different flavor, which we recommend blending into their famous Carolina Concrete with your choice of mix-ins.

Ben & Jerry’s

Known for: Perhaps America’s most beloved ice cream chain, you can get Ben & Jerry’s famous pints in grocery stores or scooped at two Raleigh locations at North Hills or on Hillsborough Street. At the scoop shops, you’ll find all your favorite flavors and more, including milkshakes, sundaes and chocolate-dipped waffle cones.

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  1. I like the ice cream stores coverage and I love that you are putting it out there for the community to be aware of it. With that being said, I am not sure if you are aware of a charmer that I feel belong to the list Flavors Ice Cream located at 2831 Jones Franklin Road Raleigh NC 27606
    919 322 4100

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