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Swipe right on this new real estate software, HomeLifeIQ that helps match you with the perfect home.

Gorgeous home? Check. Big yard? Natch. Pet-friendly? You betcha. And a pool? Swipe right for sure. While many local potential homebuyers have all but lost hope of finding their dream home, enter this new free (!) smart real estate software. HomeLifeIQ matches your individual lifestyle with the most optimal homes on the market—while also serving up a  comparison to your current home or any home you may be considering against your lifestyle and must-haves or wants.

Like Tinder for homeowners and buyers, HomeLifeIQ (via the Referral Realty app) prompts you with questions regarding home prefs—from location and price range to interior and model type, allowing you to find, well, your perfect match. 

“What this technology means is we are transforming what the client has for decision-making,” says HomeLifeIQ CEO and Referral Realty broker Kathleen Warnaar. “For example, if you have a dog and there are two workplace commuters in the family, my software ranks homes that are roughly equidistant from the two workplaces and have dog-friendly attributes such as a low/slow traffic road, nearby parks, dog parks, veterinary services and a fenced-in yard.”

As a matter of fact, the software considers 11 criteria just for dogs—plus 27 criteria for outdoor living. “So if a client’s dog is important, we prioritize that,” adds Warnaar. 

Warnaar says she’s been working on the app for two years “to ensure that the needs of the actual clients are at the forefront of the software and the Realtor’s mind.” A former IT executive with the USPS, she applied her experience in IT toward HomeLifeIQ after watching her daughter and son-in-law search for a home that best suited their lifestyles. 

And she touts Referral Realty for its dedication to transparency and compassionate care—“because you’re putting everything into your search, it’s completely transparent to you,” says Warnaar. “You weren’t wondering if I missed the house, or if I didn’t understand what was most important to you.”

Adds Emma Greijn, a broker with Referral Realty: “This is a big purchase. … You’re buying a house. So it is really important for us to work for you, and help you find your perfect home.” Like Hinge’s MO, it’s the app that’s designed to be deleted—and we’re here for it. homelifeiq.com

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