Rolling in the Deep

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Don’t worry about the lifeboats they said. This ship is unsinkable, they said. … Titanic fans, it’s time to go deep—literally—as the highly anticipated James CameronChallenging the Deep bows at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences Oct. 15 through May 7. (And let’s make one thing clear… there was room for Leo on that door—they even proved it on MythBusters). Ahem, now, this first-of-its-kind major immersive exhibition deep-dives into filmmaker James Cameron’s (of Titanic fame, natch) storied career as a deep-sea explorer (who knew?) and his many history-making expeditions. For his part, NCMNS director and CEO Eric Dorfman—with a deep affinity for the deep blue sea—is thrilled to host this exhibition, having not only grown up near the ocean, but also, fun fact, having master’s and doctorate degrees in marine-related studies. 

Developed by the Australian National Maritime Museum, the exhibition transports you to the depths of the oceans through the lens of Cameron’s underwater cameras and his other incredible tech innovations that have empowered us to see uncharted places on Earth. “Cameron has led eight major deep-sea expeditions and many submersible dives, setting world firsts—including the first exploration of the interior of the wreck of RMS Titanic,” says NCMNS Head of Communications Jonathan Pishney. “His ventures have been chronicled in his documentaries, and now, for the first time, in a major exhibition.” 

Challenging the Deep takes visitors to the deepest known point of the Earth (aka 33,000+ feet) via Cameron’s historic solo dive down to the Challenger Deep of the Mariana Trench in the revolutionary Deepsea Challenger submersible Cameron designed and built secretly in Sydney, Australia, and California. Taking the plunge, visitors will enter through a re-created MiR submersible, where they will encounter an immersive environment of cinema presentations, rare artifacts, specimens from Cameron’s career as both filmmaker and explorer, and more… including hand props and costumes from the blockbuster film—and, wait for it, the iconic Heart of the Ocean necklace and Jack’s sketches (drawn by Cameron himself). It all promises to make you feel like you’re “king of the world.”

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