Martini Mayhem

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Bean into the espresso martini rage? Here are some local spots to grab a sip. 

Affectionately dubbed “the adult vodka Red Bull,” an espresso martini is all the rage again—originally gaining steam a la ’90s… and now back in an era of popularity serving nostalgic sweetness (plus a shot of energy!). And there’s no signs of the trend tanking anytime soon. This caffeinated alcoholic beverage has the power to wake you up and mess you up at the same time, making it the perf pick-me-up for a night on the town. Here, a few of our fave intoxicating—and delish—iterations at local bars and restos. Cheers!

º Crawford & Son º
Person Street District

º Sir Walter Coffee º
Fayetteville Street District

º Barcelona Wine Bar º
Warehouse District

º Coquette Brasserie º

º Brewery Bhavana º
Moore Square District

º Rosewater Kitchen & Bar º

º Bloomsbury Bistro º
Five Points

º The Longleaf Lounge º
Capital District

º Mulino Italian Kitchen & Bar º
Capital District

º Bittersweet º
Fayetteville Street District

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