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Raleigh’s steakhouse scene is growing—and we’re not talking Outback. From the venerable Angus Barn to Scott Crawford’s forthcoming Crawford Brothers Steakhouse, steak is having a moment in the City of Oaks. But only a true meat lover can ace this quiz with no mis-steaks. We dare you to be the prime example.

1. After being told their idea was “impossible,” two restaurateurs came together to found which of these popular Raleigh steakhouses in 1960, making it the oldest steakhouse in Raleigh? 

a. Angus Barn

b. Sullivan’s Steakhouse

c. Fleming’s 

d. The Peddler

2. You no doubt will feel well-fed at Oak Steakhouse. How many local farmers and purveyors does this chef-driven modern-meets-classic steakhouse in The Dillon source its ingredients from?

a. 5

b. 8

c. 10

d. 12

3. Shuttered earlier this year as part of Kane Realty Corporation’s redevelopment of North Hills, Ruth’s Chris Steak House is expected to reopen in the 12-story apartment building in 2024 (!). The original Ruth’s Chris was founded in what city?

a. New Orleans

b. Charlotte

c. New York

d. Dallas

4. In addition to juicy house-cut steaks (plus seafood, chicken and apps—oh, my!), Sullivan’s Steakhouse features a robust wine list of how many national and international vinos?

a. 50+

b. 100+

c. 150+

d. 200+

5. Before Perry’s Steakhouse & Grille there was Perry’s Butcher Shop and Deli, a “modest meat market” founded by the Perry family in Houston. In what year did the original steakhouse open its doors?

a. 1990

b. 1993

c. 1995

d. 1999

6. Looking for a rare experience? Look no further than Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar’s Tomahawk Tuesdays, which feature a prime tomahawk weighing in at how many ounces?

a. 20

b. 25

c. 30

d. 35

7. Scott Crawford is undeniably raising the steaks with his highly anticipated Crawford Brothers Steakhouse, coming soon to Fenton. This will be Crawford’s _________ concept—with another set to open at RDU Airport late next year.

a. Third

b. Fourth

c. Fifth

d. Sixth 

8. “Everything at The Peddler is aged to perfection, from its steaks to its story.” This independently owned and operated steakhouse—nee 1969—ages its steaks for a minimum of how many days?

a. 28

b. 30

c. 34

d. 38

9. “No smoking allowed” … except in Angus Barn’s Meat Locker, which opened after an NC law passed prohibiting smoking in bars and restaurants in what year?

a. 2000

b. 2005

c. 2010

d. 2015

ANSWERS: 1. A; 2. B; 3. A; 4. D; 5. B; 6. D; 7. B; 8. A; 9. C

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