Vote: Best Bars in Raleigh 2022

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Thank you for your submissions. Check back Feb.1 to view the winners of 2022 Best Bars!

2022 Best Bartender Nominees

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  2. Why do you HAVE to choose a best bartender if you haven’t been served by any of them?

    1. Thank you for your suggestion! We have updated it so it is no longer required.

  3. The only bar I couldn’t say was the suburbs bar because I barely go out to any suburbs to hang out since all the fun is mostly downtown Raleigh.

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  5. Jonas at Pipers should be one of the “best bartender” selections!!

    1. Raliegh!!!
      Best Bartender Ms.Taylor@ The Best restaurant in North Carolina+ “LM Restaurants” “TheBest”. Raleigh!!!

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  7. Rico @ Flask is the best Bartender EVER & Flask is the best place to grab a drink with CarSpace! Jonathan, thank you for an incredible Sunday! – Sincerely, Narkie Nartey, RTP Rotary Club President-Elect & CEO of The Wakaboomee Program 501(c)3.

  8. And Phoenix, you are the bestest friend ever for dragging me out to experience CarSpace and another fun time with good people! Together we can create real change in this world – I’m so excited to collaborate with you in 2023!

  9. What if you don’t drink beer ugh there should be other options.

  10. You know I’m gonna Vote for my sister Taylor, she’s so great as a sister and bartender ^-^

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