Happy Hour

In Buzz, March 2023 by Melissa Howsam1 Comment

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Could happy hour finally be coming to NC?

In the second-fastest growing large metro in the U.S., one of the first questions that falls off newcomers’ tongues is, “Wait. No happy hour?” Alas, a bill to allow Happy Hour in NC has been officially filed. *Pause for applause.* While there’s no promise it’ll pass, and it has yet to pass committees and hit the House floor—not to mention bills that relax alcohol laws in the Old North State typically face a lot of opposition—the bill does have bipartisan support. And, given those social districts passed in 2022, we’d say there’s room for cheerful optimism.

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  1. True Story – its exactly what i said when we moved here a few years ago and i heard no happy hour. Happy the powers that be are considering it. Cheers!

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