“Crystal”, Cirque du Soleil’s first-ever ice experience.
July 2018 / August 2018

Summer on Ice

Jul 9, 2018 Jane Porter 0
Escape the heat this July and follow Crystal, a creative young woman who feels misunderstood and out of sync as she ventures out onto a frozen pond and falls through the ice into an upside-down […]
The Pour House in downtown Raleigh
July 2018 / August 2018

Bands & Beer

Jul 9, 2018 Ginny S. Gillikin 0
The Pour House in downtown Raleigh serves up the best of both. Band flyers and posters adorn the glass windows outside The Pour House Music Hall on Blount Street, across from Moore Square Park. You pay […]
July 2018 / August 2018

Fancy a Fry?

Jul 1, 2018 Lauren Kruchten 0
French fries are one of those classic American comfort foods known to give rise to insatiable cravings. With their simple but almost drug-like allure, it’s hard to pass them up as a side order at […]
The outside of the Nolinthas' historic Raleigh home in the evening.
July 2018 / August 2018

A New Light

Jul 1, 2018 Jane Porter 0
The Nolinthas’ historic home in downtown Raleigh is a sanctuary for joy and healing. Inside Van and Vanvisa Nolintha’s red brick, American foursquare-style home in the Prince Hall Historic District, the walls are all painted white. That […]
Backyard cottage
July 2018 / August 2018

Backyard Debate

Jul 1, 2018 Jane Porter 0
Raleigh’s council still can’t reach a consensus on ADUs In June, a diverse group of stakeholders sent a letter to Raleigh’s mayor and city council members asking them to approve an ordinance legalizing Accessory Dwelling Units […]
Outside the Morgan Street Food Hall
July 2018 / August 2018

A Foodie Haven

Jul 1, 2018 Raleigh Magazine 0
Rejoice, Raleighites! You’ve been waiting with bated breath but, finally, the day is here: Morgan Street Food Hall in downtown’s Warehouse District will open its doors to the public this month, with a grand opening […]
Canned cocktails from Durham Distillery
July 2018 / August 2018

A G&T that’s DIY

Jul 1, 2018 Jane Porter 0
Durham Distiller launches ready-to-drink cocktails “Hassle-free” is not the phrase that comes to mind when you’re dreaming of enjoying a G&T on a North Carolina beach. This month, that all changes with Durham Distillery’s release of […]
Top down view of buildings in downtown Raleigh, NC.
July 2018 / August 2018

Historic Roads of Raleigh

Jul 1, 2018 Tracy Jones 0
When Raleigh first came into existence at the end of the 18th century, it was often called “a city of streets with no houses,” a square-mile grid designed by surveyor and onetime state senator William […]
July 2018 / August 2018

Full Circle

Jul 1, 2018 Mandy Howard 0
One year ago, Graham High School choral director Jennifer Wells was in the audience of a Foreigner concert when she caught a glimpse of her future. A local high school choir joined the band onstage to […]
Ulysses Watkins, Mike Phillips and Ed Peebles
July 2018 / August 2018

Fancy Feet

Jul 1, 2018 Megan Dohm 0
It’s long been a basic human impulse to beautify and personalize commonplace things, from ancient cave drawings and pottery to modern-day mugs and jewelry. Here in Raleigh, Mike Phillips and his business, Sir Castle Teees, carries […]
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