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‘Love It or List It’ Loves Raleigh

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Think you’ve spotted Hilary Farr or David Visentin around Raleigh? You’d be right. “Love It or List It’ is in Raleigh!  Big Coat Productions has filmed 26 episodes of HGTV’s “Love It or List It” in the Triangle and is scheduled to wrap up at the end of this year. (Although no other city is on the schedule; could the team stay in Raleigh?)

Based in Nashville, Big Coat Productions filmed previous seasons in Canada. RM asked executive producer Maria Armstrong why the company decided to venture to the U.S.—and to the City of Oaks.

Q: Why did “Love it or List it” choose Raleigh as its first U.S. location?
HGTV US, the lead broadcaster for “Love It or List It,” was interested in sharing the great American lifestyle. So we ventured into the U.S. to expand the scope of the show for our viewers. We chose the Raleigh-Durham area because it really reflects the HGTV audience and is also a growing real-estate market, which was perfect to showcase clas- sic and contemporary homes that also reflect a range of incomes and architectural styles.

Q: Where are you located and for how long?
Our North Carolina office is based out of Durham, and we plan on filming until the end of 2015. At the moment, we’re quite content to be filming in Raleigh and are excited about the adventures on which the homes and homeowners around here will take us.

Q: Where are you going next? Will you keep your office here?
At the moment we’re not looking at other cities; we love the location and would like to hang out for a while and get a real feel for this unique East Coast  lifestyle.

Q: What did you like or dislike about Raleigh?
Our cast and crew love the location, people and, of course, the great weather and Southern hospitality. Everyone has been friendly and welcoming, and the homeowners seem to genuinely enjoy the show’s process and staff. The homes themselves are different than what we’re used to, so they provide fun and unique challenges as well as great storylines. There really are no negatives to filming in Raleigh, and our only challenge so far is gaining the confidence of homeowners, contractors and suppliers since we’re relatively new to the area.

Q: What is “Love It or List It”?
A one-hour show on HGTV where Hilary Farr, a designer, and David Visentin, a real estate agent, compete to help unhappy homeowners make the decision on whether to renovate their existing home or sell it and buy something new. Both have a budget from the homeowners, and Farr sets out to recreate, while Visentin shows what’s on the market. The end of the show reveals a newly renovated space and the homeowners’ decision to love it or list it. Airs Monday nights at 9 p.m.

“Love It or List It” airs Monday nights at 9 on HGTV; Raleigh episodes began airing September 21.

Love it or list it with homeowners

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  1. My fiancé and I are torn and would love to have your help. We have a decent budget to renovate vs. sale (my vote). Is Love It or List it looking for a family to work with?? We’d LOVE to be part of your show!!! Jennifer Wheeler ????

  2. We are great fans of your show., and are looking to expand and renovate our three bedroom two bath home . We are also considering purchasing a different house in North Carolina. Please help us “ LOVE IT OR LIST IT “

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