301 Hillsborough Street
October 2019

Downtown Developments

Sep 30, 2019 Jane Porter 0
Cranes sprinkle the skyline and it seems like, in downtown Raleigh, you couldn’t swing a cat without hitting a new building. With the sleek condos and townhomes, glitzy hotels, and retail and office square footage […]
State archivist Sarah Koonts
September 2019

Primary Sources

Aug 29, 2019 Megan Dohm 0
Preserving history at the NC Archives. A classic elevator ‘ping!’ announces each visitor’s arrival to the search room in the State Archives building on Jones Street. Long work desks with sturdy document props, reference librarians and […]
The State of Raleigh Restaurants
September 2019

Raleigh Restaurants: Headaches & Hardship

Aug 29, 2019 Jane Porter 0
A look at the challenges local chefs and restaurateurs face. It’s no secret that Raleigh’s become a Mecca for dining out.  In addition to a deep bench of diverse, innovative restaurants, a foodie community that’s collaborative […]
Chef Scott Crawford's Jolie
September 2019

Jolie C’est Arrivé

Aug 29, 2019 Jane Porter 0
Chef Scott Crawford’s new restaurant has finally arrived. For Jolie, la petite fille du chef Scott Crawford, there was a certain je ne sais quoi about the City of Light.  On a family trip to Paris the […]
July/August 2019

Interview with George Knott

Jul 17, 2019 Jane Porter 1
The City Council has proposed putting an affordable housing bond on the ballot next year. Do you support the bond and do you think that’s enough to address Raleigh’s affordable housing problem? Yes and no. […]
CluedUpp game in Raleigh
July/August 2019

CluedUpp, Clued In

Jul 14, 2019 Mandy Howard 0
A body has been found in downtown Raleigh. It’s a murder-mystery too confounding for the Raleigh Police Department. Only you, your closest friends, and maybe your kids and dogs can solve the mystery. Oh, and […]
World Wicks' candle scent "Sun-Kissed South" featuring "pretty as a peach," "bless your heart," and "all gussied up"
July/August 2019

Scents of Home

Jul 7, 2019 Rachyl Jones 0
When Raleigh resident Abby Hilyer graduated from East Carolina University in 2017, she never thought she’d be making candles for a living. Hilyer’s brand, World Wicks, features candles layered with three different scents, so when one […]
A mural by Taylor White
July/August 2019

A Meeting of Minds

Jul 7, 2019 Jane Porter 0
ACollaboration is key in the first public art project for the Raleigh greenway system. This summer, artist Taylor White will transform the 3,500 square foot underpass at Pullen Road, which connects the restored creek pathway […]
Bill Young's sock collection
July/August 2019

Thoughts on Socks

Jun 30, 2019 Raleigh Magazine 0
CBS 17 co-anchor Bill Young owns more than 300 pairs of socks and, though viewers don’t see them on-air during his morning and midday newscasts, they’re a playful, quirky counterbalance to the polished suits his […]
Raleigh Staycation Destinations
July/August 2019

Summer Staycation Destination

Jun 30, 2019 Lauren Kruchten 1
This summer, we’re opting to stick around and take a staycation in the City of Oaks’ own backyard. We’ve got some tips on six of the best places to stay all around Raleigh, plus suggestions of where […]
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