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Just two years ago, Raleigh Magazine profiled what it deemed the 10 Most Eligible People in Raleigh. These were folks with full lives, successful professionally, engaged in the community, friendly and interesting but who just, for whatever reason, hadn’t yet met that special someone. 

We found our profile subjects through tips, recommendations, friends of friends and social media posts, and we loved meeting them all at a photo shoot. But lately we’ve been wondering: Are they still eligible? 

Turns out, Cupid’s been busy the past 24 months—to the tune of two marriages, two engagements, one baby, a few job changes and several significant others. There are also plenty of stories about travel, adventure and changing outlooks. We caught up with Raleigh’s most eligible of 2015 to see where the last two years have taken them and what’s in store for their futures.

Kim Hunter

Still the proprietor of Kimbap Café, Hunter sustained some physical injuries the past two years.

“I tore my ACL and, after that, had a hip injury,” she says. “Having those two issues back-to-back helped me re-evaluate my priorities and really focus on the things that matter and stop spending time on things that don’t. The injuries were really good for finding balance and peace.”

Kim Hunter, right, with Amy Fox of Fox Farm and Forage

Hunter has a significant other and also recently switched things up at her restaurant.

“I recently re-concepted dinner service at the restaurant and moved to a hyper-local prix fixe tasting menu. I’m looking forward to being back in the kitchen and letting my creative juices flow.”

Hunter turned 40 last year and said the milestone was an “adjustment.”

“At first, I wasn’t particularly excited about crossing into a new decade, but then I decided to embrace it and am feeling really happy and free.”

Dee Stewart

President and CEO of the The Stewart Group, there’s rarely a dull moment for Dee Stewart at his political consulting business. But this year, he’s enjoyed exploring the city with his girlfriend. They met when they lived across the street from each other.

“The woman I’m dating is smart, attractive and kind,” says Stewart. “We enjoy trying new restaurants, traveling, watching movies, and going on walks downtown.

“There is always someplace new and fun to go,” he continues. “The Cortez and Watts & Ward are two of our new favorites. We also never miss a movie at The Rialto.”

Other events that rank high on the to-do list: NC State football and basketball games and the “For the Love of Art Gala” earlier this year.

“There was a wide array of art, and it was a fun way to support the Triangle’s most talented emerging artists.”

Workwise, Stewart says he’s doing more consulting on issues related to clean energy.

“It’s fun promoting innovation, job creation and entrepreneurship in helping lead North Carolina to a future of energy independence.”

Colin Fickes

You might remember him as Jimmy Edwards from the One Tree Hill series filmed in Wilmington from 2003-2012.

But Colin Fickes changed gears after the series ended, launching Humdinger Juice in Raleigh in 2012.

Humdinger, a cold-pressed juice company, is still going strong, but Fickes has turned over the reins to his sister, Mary Holt. He moved to New York City in 2016 to start another company—where he just happened to meet someone.

“We enjoy exploring new places together, getting out into nature—Central Park when we can’t get away—seeing shows and finding the newest culinary treats,” says Fickes.

Fickes is working on several projects in New York.

“I’ve been working with a beverage startup called Sunup Green Coffee. We make unroasted coffee that tastes like tea and is served cold in a can. I’ve also been working with the meal delivery service PLATED, which was featured on Shark Tank and acquired by Albertson’s just last month.”

Leaving Raleigh surprised even him.

“The opportunity was unexpected and wasn’t really on my radar,” says Fickes. “The same can be said for the relationship. I guess the Allen Saunders saying is true.: ‘Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans.’”

Amanda Bordeaux

Amanda Bordeaux’s travel tally is impressive: 49 states and 20 countries. The excursions aren’t all about leisure.

“While in the Dominican Republic, I had the opportunity to volunteer at a local elementary school, assist women entrepreneurs at a chocolate factory and recycled paper factory, and make a water filter and deliver it to a local Dominican family, which will enable them to have clean water for years to come.”

Her travel could be keeping her single, according to her family.

Amanda Bordeaux, right, and friend in San Francisco

“The joke among my friends and family is that I don’t stay in one place long enough to date anyone,” she says.

Bordeaux is still the owner of Stellar Sitters, a thriving babysitting business that works with families across the state. The demand is so high Bordeaux is considering teaching babysitting courses for middle school girls.

Work keeps her busy, but she’s not ruling out finding a match.

“I’m enjoying this season of being single but may consider a relationship if the right person came along,” Bordeaux says. “I’m holding out for someone who loves God, loves to travel and supports and values an ambitious woman.”

Sheri Hagerty

Hobbling into the photo shoot with a hurt foot two years ago, Sheri Hagerty had no idea just a few months later, she’d

Sheri Hagerty and Jim Geikie

meet Jim Geikie.

“We met in the very beginning of 2016 through a mutual friend who referred him to me for a home purchase,” said Hagerty, a realtor with Hodge and Kittrell Sotheby’s International Realty. “I always wondered if love at first sight or first meeting were true or possible, and I can say, yes, it does happen—I’m sure when you least expect it, as it did for us.

Geikie and Hagerty plan to marry in the spring of 2018.

“We knew pretty instantly that we needed to plan for the future together and not apart. Soon after, we started plans to build a home together. We purchased a lot from my mother on Hathaway Road in Raleigh. The lot belonged to my grandmother since 1955…such a sacred place for me.”

Hagerty also made a professional move to Hodge and Kittrell Sotheby’s. All of the changes have been a blessing, she says.

“I’m most impressed and surprised by how all the pieces fell into place for me after a very rough 2015, losing two family members I simply adored. Chapters end, and at the time, we cannot see past the grief, but it turned into a beautiful growth experience for me both personally and professionally. I gained a perspective I had not known before.”

Angelica Alvarez

Although you’ll still find Anjelica Alvarez in front of the camera at ABC News 11, other things have changed.

“I’m now married,” says Alvarez. “We met actually a few years ago when we both worked in Austin; we finally made it official.”

Angelica Alvarez and Adolfo Ibarra

“We had our wedding on January 20th in downtown Raleigh and a wonderful two-week honeymoon in Africa,” she continues. “We spent an amazing week in Cape Town, enjoying the beach, wine country and so much food. We went to Zimbabwe where we saw the Victoria Falls, and then we went on an amazing safari in Botswana.”

After the honeymoon to Africa, the couple went to Cuba in June and is trying to decide on a travel destination for 2018.

“He’s turning 40 in March, so we need an amazing trip. We’ve talked about Italy or back to a different part of Africa. We love to eat; he does most of the cooking, and I don’t mind one bit. Right now we’re just looking forward to good food and travel and enjoying life.”

Duane Hall

Still a practicing attorney and a member of the NC House of Representatives, Hall is planning to get married in the

Katie Stanley and Duane Hall

spring to Katie Stanley.

“We met years ago at the legislature,” says Hall. “It took me years to convince her to go out with me, and she finally went to lunch with me February 14th, Valentine’s Day of this year. We’ve traveled a lot and have similar interests as she works in state government.”

Hall describes himself as “insanely in love” and balked at revealing honeymoon plans, which he hopes to surprise her with.

“When you find the right person, you just know it,” he said.

In early November, Gov. Roy Cooper appointed Hall chairman of the North Carolina Courts Commission.

Kevin Tyndall

Kevin Tyndall and Shannan Legge with Ben

Kevin Tyndall and his partner Shannan Legge welcomed their son, Ben, in July.

“Shannan and I met when she was working at All About Beer and I was at Natty Greene’s. We enjoy getting outdoors, attending concerts and anything sports related to NC State or the Green Bay Packers.”

Tyndall changed jobs too, leaving Natty Greene’s to work as a sales manager at Appalachian Mountain Brewery.

Tyndall, an NC State alumnus, said he’s adjusted pretty well to all the changes. We wondered what’s surprised him the most: “How quickly a child can change your life!”

Nunzio Scordo

Restaurant proprietor and chef Nunzio Scordo has long kept our bellies buzzing with both the savory and sweet at his restaurants, Farina and Driftwood Southern Kitchen. But changes are on the horizon.

“Farina is under contract to sell this month,” he says. “I’m working on two new projects that I’m very excited about but can’t reveal yet. But really not a lot has changed in my personal life.”

Scordo spends a lot of time traveling, frequenting his favorite places and experiencing whatever life offers up.

“I go to Asheville often,” he says. “It resets my internal clock, and the mountains are my haven. I love the people there too. I’m planning a trip to Europe soon, and I’m going to San Fran next month. I have some friends there, and the food scene is the best, in my opinion. Getting myself back into meditation and trying to improve myself all around. When the right person comes along, I’ll be ready.”

David Worters

We caught up with this Harvard graduate just eight days after he got married.

“We met online: match.com. We probably knew within a month that we were going to spend the rest of our lives together,” says Worters, a realtor with Hodge, Kittrell and Sotheby’s.

The couple met in November of 2016 and married less than a year later.

“We got engaged in late July, early August. We didn’t have the venue nailed down until September, so we planned the whole thing in 60 days. Fearrington House made it easy. The whole thing was magical. The skies cleared about two hours before the ceremony; we were able to do the ceremony and cocktails outdoors.”

Miranda Yeager and David Worters

The couple loves live entertainment—including sports and music. Worters jokes he married into Alabama football.

“She is a raging Alabama Crimson Tide football fan. So when Alabama football is on, the world stops. In fact, that was our first trip together, to see an Alabama football game.”

It’s a second marriage for both; Worter’s daughter, 14, gave a toast on the special day.

“My daughter reported to everyone that she knew we were going to get married. She had started making a wedding binder and Pinterest page with wedding stuff almost as soon as she met her.”

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