A One-of-a-Kind Coop

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WEB EXCLUSIVE In Dave and Elyssa Nastalski’s household, humans aren’t the only ones following North Carolina’s stay at home order; their chickens are, too.

The downtown Raleigh Dogwood Country Club owners spent the first part of self-isolating building a grande coop for their five hens and two roosters modeled after the clubhouse at Augusta National, one of the most exclusive golf clubs in the world. They named it “Eggusta National.” 

Elyssa and Dave knew they were going to need a coop for their chickens when they first got them in July of 2019, but they wanted to build it themselves and didn’t want it to be just any standard chicken coop.

“We were like, ‘if we’re going to do this, we’re going to do something neat,’” Elyssa says.

Eggusta National
“Eggusta National”

Building something golf-related was a no-brainer for the pair.

“Golf is our life,” says Elyssa. Together they’ve started two golf companies—Dogwood Country Club and Dirty Larry Golf. Dave is a licensed PGA golf instructor and all of their wedding gifts to each other revolved around golf. Their chickens are also named after famous golfers: Arlene Palmer, Jackie Nicklaus, Tigress Woods, Bennie Hogan, Jeanne Sarazen, Gary Player and Phil Mickelson.

The Nastalskis had the goal of finishing the coop by what would have been the Masters Tournament—the weekend of April 12, though it was since rescheduled to November 9th through 15th.

Elyssa says the stay at home order allowed them to really dive into the project, giving them something to occupy themselves during the statewide shutdown of local businesses, including their urban country club.

“We like to flex our creative muscles,” Elyssa says. “We don’t do things in a standard way.”

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